Anime like Chivalry of a Failed Knight you need to watch

When Chivalry of a Failed Knight appeared it draw a lot of attention due to the quality of the anime…

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5 Best Naruto Female Characters

Since it was introduced to audiences outside Japan, “Naruto” is one of the most popular anime tv shows in the…

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4 Best Anime Like Code Geass You Need To Watch

“Code Geass” is arguably one of the best anime shows that was ever broadcasted. It gained a huge following throughout…

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This Is The Best Naruto Movie

There are various movies made about Naruto, but one that definitely stands out is ’Boruto: Naruto the Movie’. This is…

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Best World War II Anime You Need To Watch

World War II Anime may not be the most popular genre of Japanese animation but are definitely worth checking out…

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Best anime like “Berserk”: Which ones are worth your time?

Since it was released back in 1989, Berserk has been an excellent anime action series that follows the character of…

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