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Selling Your Home? Here’s How To Optimise Your Kitchen For Resale

There comes a time in the life of many families when their beloved home doesn’t suit their needs anymore. Whether it’s to downsize after the kids have moved out, or to upsize for the arrival of new family members, mums and dads across Australia often find themselves curious about what life would bring in a different setting!

A little natural curiosity can quickly turn into a fully-fledged desire to sell up and switch homes. However, many homeowners make the wise decision to invest a little in their homes before putting it on the market.

Enter the kitchen renovation – easily one of the ultimate ways to optimise your home’s resale value before you take the plunge and pick up where you left off but in a different location.

From stunning brass kitchen handles to fully-functional cabinetry and more, here’s how to renovate your kitchen to optimise your home’s resale value:

  • Find the perfect value balance

Find the perfect value balance
Source: mcmanuskitchenandbath.com

And what do we mean by this? By ensuring that your kitchen’s value matches the home’s overall value. You don’t want this space to be shabby and subpar, but you also don’t want it to be obviously much more valuable than the rest of the home. This obvious discrepancy can be incredibly jarring for potential homebuyers who may be frustrated by the imbalance between rooms.

You want the kitchen to be worth at least 10% of your home’s value and at maximum 15%. This means spending at least 5% and at most 15% of your property’s current value on the renovation. Anything less than 5% will risk having absolutely zero effect on your home’s resale value whilst spending too much would risk a failure to profit from the renovation at all!

So, like all other renovation aspects, it’s important to keep a close eye on your budget, ensuring you don’t stray outside of these important guidelines.

  • Level up your storage game

Level up your storage game
Source: handmadekitchen.co.uk

As a homeowner, you will know very well the constant desire for extra storage space. Naturally, that desire extends to the cooking area, and your potential buyers don’t want to see any cabinetry that cuts off halfway to the ceiling and leaves a massive, useless gap in its place. If your space contains this kind of inhibited cabinetry then it’s time to consider whether it will help your home’s resale value or whether it will have a negative impact on the eyes of disappointed buyers.

If your answer is the latter then it’s important to extend those cabinets right up to the ceiling. What’s more, it’s also a good idea to adorn your cabinetry with beautiful brass handles in the process – these subtle touches have a wonderful effect on buyers who are looking for elegant touches even if they don’t know it yet!

  • Hardwood for the win

Source: hardwoods4less.com

Hardwood floors are unbeatable in this space. And we mean hardwood floors – not laminate, tile or vinyl – the real deal. Why? Because buyers absolutely adore entering their dream space and seeing that the cooking area has luxurious hardwood floors.

Of course, they can be quite expensive, so you might want to forego this option if you are renovating on a budget. That being said, they are such a wonderful attraction that investing in them can be the best option for optimising your home’s value, especially when you hear about the buyers entering and saying “ohhh, look at the floors, stunning”.

Renovating your space is all about finding the right value balance whilst installing some fully-functional and incredibly-stylish elements to invigorate the home and optimise its resale value.

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