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Anime like Overlord You Need To Watch

Throughout the years, there has been a new trend in anime and anime games which emphasized the idea that a player, i.e. the mina character, is somehow trapped in some other world and a kind of a simulation of a game is played. We need to mention that anime called Overlord revolves around manga, who is somewhat found in the same kind of a trap. When this anime came out, it was a hit and there were dozens of others that tried to follow this and copied the same patterns and idea. We will now try to find and lost all those anime like Overlord.

Log Horizon

Log Horizon series has been released in the Fall of 2013 and it has 25 episodes. It should also know that there are millions of followers, fans and players of this anime. While playing, it seems that players cannot simply get out of those fantasy worlds and they seem trapped into some of the characters that appear in the anime. The characters are named Shiroe, Naotsugu and Akatsuki. The plot revolves around the quest which has a lot of elements of fighting, survival and fears of various kinds. In order to play it right, players need to use their all knowledge from the games they have played.

No Game No Life

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When we are talking about this anime that resembles Overlord, we should say that it appeared in Spring 2014 and it was made in 12 episodes. The two main characters in the series are Sora and Shiro and the series is centered on their quest in another, virtual, world. it should be mentioned that they are sisters who need to fight so that humanity would take its rightful place in the universe. The main difference between Overlord and No Game No Life is that the first one is in being smart and winning while the second is more about being more powerful and stronger and winning.

Sword Art Online

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The premiere of this anime series took place in the Summer of 2012. We should also mention that the anime was made in 25 episodes. The best thing about this anime is the fact that players get into a kind of a fantasy world where they need to wear a kind of a special helmet. It should be also noted that more than 10K people reported that they did not manage to stop playing the anime how good it was. The game revolves around the tower which has 100 levels and you have to pass each one of those in order to fight and beat the boss who is located at the last one.


The first time this game appeared was in the summer of 2015 and it has 12 episodes in total. It should be mentioned that the plot happens in Ginza district in Tokyo when a lot of celestial and fantasy beings come and fight and make a lot of mess.

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