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Anime like Chivalry of a Failed Knight you need to watch

When Chivalry of a Failed Knight appeared it draw a lot of attention due to the quality of the anime itself and the topic it covered. From great effects and colorful characters, this anime had it all that an anime should have. This was the reason why there have been many attempts afterward to make an anime similar to that one both in terms of the plot and characters. We will now see what the best anime like Chivalry of a Failed Knight are.

The Asterisk War: The Academy City on the Water

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From the moment it was made in the fall of 2015, this anime series was a great hit. First of all, we should mention that it was made in 12 episodes. When we are talking about the plot of the series, we need to mention that it revolves around the girl named Ayato Amagiri who is attending a bit of an unusual school. Namely, the school is for all the girls who have powers, and during their stay there, the girls learn how to use them by fighting each other. So, the similarity of the two if both in the female characters who are fighters but the difference is in the fact that The Asterisk War pays more attention to fighting and similar while Chivalry of a Failed Knight is more about laughter and romance

The Irregular at Magic High School

Img Source: The Irregular at Magic High School

We need to mention that The Irregular at Magic High School anime series was made into 26 episodes and that from the moment it appeared in the spring of 2014 it was a hit. First of all, the series follows Tatsuya and Miyuki Shiba, siblings, and their lives and school days at First High School. It should be mentioned that whey they enrolled at this school, Miyuiki is given much more attention as someone who has great powers and capabilities while Tatsyuya is constantly put aside. When we consider the male characters in this series to the ones in Chivalry of a Failed Knight, we can say that they are all looked as weaker and as less capable than they really are. Their sisters are the stronger characters, and the plots revolve around the competition between them.

Absolute Duo

The anime was made in 12 episodes and it was aired for the first time in winter 2015. We need to mention that this was one of the most polar anime like Chivalry of a Failed Knight. First of all, the plot follows Toooru Kokonoe. The life of this character was not an easy one since the character lost her parents in an accident. It should be also mentioned that each character at the school she enrolled at has a weapon that is a kind of a resemblance of their soul. On the other hand, when he arrived at school, he needed to fight a classmate and during this fight, it was discovered that he did not have a weapon per se but that his soul manifested in a form of a shield.

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