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The Best 5 Anime Monk Characters Of All Time

How many good anime monk characters can you remember? Especially in some ninja-related anime, they are pretty common. However, they usually are not in focus, and their characters are not built correctly. If you look closer, you will see that there is a good number of monk characters in anime that are of value. Mostly, they serve as some kind of tutor figure that helps the main character during his adventures. You can see the main character being a monk very rarely. Now, we are going to present you with the best anime monk characters you can ever see.

Miroku – “Inuyasha” (2000)

Img Source: zerochan.net

Miroku is a monk character that appears in “Inu Yasha” anime that was broadcasted in 2000. He is a monk who travels with Sango, Kahone, Shippo, and Inuyasha. He is a descendant of Miyatsu, a monk who was cursed by Naraku, over 50 years before the start of the show. This situation led to the creation of Kazaana, a curse. Miroku is born in a Mushin`s temple/. Later in the series, he married Sango, his former teammate.

Genjo Sanzo – “Saiyuki” (2000)

Img Source: gallery.minitokyo.net

Genjo Sanzo is another anime monk character on our list. He is a Buddhist monk/priest and one of the four protagonists of “Saiyuki.” Because of his leadership skills, his crew was given a nickname “Sanzo Party,” even though he isn’t a de facto leader of the group. His adoptive father or his guardian is called Koumyou Sanzo, from whom he gets his last name from. He is not a typical Buddhist priest because he uses pistols and smokes cigarettes. He looks like a combination of cowboy and a priest.

Bobby – “Good Luck Girl!” (2012)

Img Source: binbougamiga.fandom.com

Bobby is a perverted monk who wanders the world in order to exterminate all the evil goods and spirits. Plus, he has a habit of chasing women with large breasts. This is the thing that triggers the worst and the best in him. This character is created by Yoshiaki Sukeno for the supporting character purpose in an anime called “Good Luck Girl!”. What is interesting for this character is that he is African-American, which is pretty uncommon for Japanese anime.

Yukyuzan Anji – “Rurouni Kenshin“ (1996)

Img Source: zerochan.net

Anji is a character from “Rurouni Kenshin” anime. He is the person who is always determined for achieving righteousness. Anji is a part of Juppongatana, which is an organization led by Shishio Makoto. He is the master of Kenpo and fallen Buddhist monk. Before he joined Juppongatana, he lived in a temple which is dedicated to the Jodo-Shu sect and the patron of this temple Amida Butsu. Anji grew up with five more orphans.

Krillin – “Dragon Ball” (1986)

Img Source: ign.com

Krillin is a very well-known character to any anime lover out there. He serves as a supporting character in almost all “Dragon Ball” universes. Initially, he was the rival of Goku, but they became friends pretty quickly. He was one of the first characters to die and being revived by collecting all the dragon balls. He was killed on orders of King Piccolo. Also, Piccolo became friendly with the crew later in the franchise. Later in the show, he married Android 18 and has a daughter with her.

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