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The Best MythBusters Episodes of All Time

Have you ever heard of MythBusters? Or maybe you watched some of the episodes? If not, this is a very interesting Australian-American TV show that deals with the busting of various myths and were broadcasted on the Discovery Channel for a full 17 seasons, during which an incredible 296 episodes were shot. Hosts of this popular science-entertainment TV program were Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman until March of 2016 when the two of them left the show.

After that, Jon Lung and Brian Louden became new host after Science Channel decided to shoot a popular series again. Now that you know the brief history and some details of this show, do you know what the best episodes of MythBusters are? If you don’t know, don’t worry, we have the answer to that question. Continue reading to find out what are the best episodes according to votes of fans. Well, if you’re ready, let’s start.

Brown Note

“Brown Note” is the first episode of MythBusters season 3. Of course, the season had to start spectacularly with busting three myths. The first one is related to “Chinese water torture” and the question of whether this is really so painful? Then, the answer to the question of whether the bullet could really throw you back if it hits you? And the last test was inspired by South Park and they tried to bust the myth about whether it was possible for a person to defecate if it heard a certain sound. It is likely that the whole episode is called brown note because of that.

Duct Tape Hour

This is one of the episodes where Jamie and Adam performed several tests to see the true strength and durability of the duct tape. For example, we have concluded that the duct tape is very useful in various situations and that it is very strong. Certainly, we recommend you to watch this episode of MythBusters and check out everything that can be done with the duct tape

Alcatraz Escape

This episode is probably one of the most interesting because Jamie and Adam are trying to solve one of the biggest myths-Is it possible to escape from Alcatraz? In the case of Brothers Anglin (John and Clarence) and Frank Morris, they allegedly managed to escape from a notorious jail making a raft of a large number of raincoats. Whether they succeeded in doing so, we don’t want to tell you, but you will have to discover it.

Titanic Survival

Another very interesting episode is the one in which they test the famous scene from the popular Titanic movie when Jack dies from the effects of hypothermia because he gave the floating board to the Rose. However, for everyone who watched this movie, it was clear that they could both fit on a large board and survive. That’s exactly what inspired Adam and Jamie to check in fairly similar conditions whether this is true.

Duct Tape Island

This is the thirteenth episode of the seventh season. Unlike most episodes where other hosts and participants of this great project appear, now the situation is slightly different. The only ones on the island are Adam and Jamie and they have a bunch of duct tape. Through several different experiments, they check to see if certain duct tape myths really are true and whether this sticky thing can save your life.

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