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7 Things you’ll need on a Long Distance Motorcycle Journey

If you want to go on a great adventure, you should go on a long distance motorcycle journey. It is a great opportunity to travel to new places with nothing but your hog, your wits, and your sense of adventure. However, if you are going to go on a long distance motorcycle journey, you should be as prepared as possible. Remember that you will be going to very remote areas, and if you are not prepared, you might end up getting hurt or stranded. In order to stay safe, you will need to bring the necessary pieces of equipment. Here are things you’ll need on a long distance motorcycle journey.


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When it comes to going on a motorcycle adventure, the most important thing to have with you is a motorcycle helmet. Remember that during any motorcycle accident the most vulnerable part of your body is your head. You could recover from a broken leg or arm, however, if your head is unprotected during an accident, there is a very big chance that any bump or collision could prove fatal. When you choose your helmet, it is important that the helmet gives you a good amount of visibility and protection. It should also provide key parts of your head with protection. The forehead, and the back of the head is particularly important because any damage to these spots could lead to severe brain trauma. The motorcycle helmet should also be made of highly durable materials such as fiberglass and kevlar. While steel helmets are also popular, they could get dented easily, and might end up injuring you even further. As a precaution, it is also a good idea to wear a brightly colored helmet, or at least one with brightly colored highlights to help other drivers see you at nighttime.

Motorcycle goggles

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Of all your senses, sight is the most important during a motorcycle ride. You will need it to see the road, and maneuver your motorcycle. As a rule, it is important that you protect your eyes as much as possible. Remember that the open road is very unpredictable.There will be times where dust or sand could get swept up by the motorcycle, and they could get into your eyes. There could also be a sudden rainstorm and the droplets could blind you. This is where you will need motorcycle goggles. These goggles are specially designed to protect your eyes from debris or dust from the road. If you want the best quality goggles, you should purchase some from Fetop. It is a company that sells motorcycle goggles wholesale, click here for more info. What’s more, you can also have motorcycle goggles customized according to your specifications.


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If you are going on a motorcycle adventure, it is very important that you have a bagful of provisions. The provisions should not be overly heavy because they will weigh you down. Instead, you should pack light food packets, and focus on bringing as much water as possible. Remember that when you go on a long distance motorcycle ride, there is no guarantee that there are roadside stores to buy provisions from. As a rule, it is very important that you have at least a small duffel bag of people provisions in case of emergencies.

Motorcycle boots

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When you ride a motorcycle, it is important that you have a pair of motorcycle boots. They are very important because you will be using your feet to maneuver your motorcycle. You will need heavy soles that will give you the traction to maneuver your motorbike. Aside from being able to control your motorcycle effectively, motorcycle boots will also protect your legs from getting burned or scratched during the journey. Remember that motorcycles tend to get heated up, especially in hot areas. If your legs are not properly protected, they might get burned by the engine. Debris and other litter might also get blown up by the motorcycle. If your legs don’t have protection, they might get scratched.

Motorcycle Gloves

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Aside from motorcycle boots, you will also need to have a pair of motorcycle gloves. They are important because you will be using your hands to steer your motorcycle. During a long journey, there will be times where your palms will get sweaty. This could be a dangerous game predicament because your grip might slip which could cause you to have an accident. When you choose your motorcycle gloves, it is important that the glove’s palms are rough so that they can grasp the handles more effectively.


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When you go on a long distance motorcycle trip, it is important that you have a toolbox with you. No matter how careful you are with your driving, or how meticulous you are with your motorcycle maintenance, there is still a chance that your vehicle will malfunction. When you pack your toolbox, it should have all the essential tools, such as wrenches, screwdrivers, ratchets, spindle keys and oil.


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One of the main setbacks of riding a motorcycle is that it does not really provide protection from the elements. This could make travelling very uncomfortable or even dangerous. This is where a good poncho comes in handy. A poncho is a large sheet of fabric designed to act like a covering for the whole body. It first originated from Mexico, and was used as a covering from the elements. It is perfect for long motorcycle rides, because a poncho is large enough to protect you, and key parts of the motorcycle as well.


If you are going to go on a long distance motorcycle journey, you will need to be as prepared as possible. Remember that long distance motorcycle journeys could be dangerous, if you are not careful. With these pieces of equipment, you’ll be able to go on a motorcycle journey in the safest way possible.

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