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Top 5 Anime Series Like Kamisama Kiss You Must Watch

The Kamisama Kiss is one of the best anime series when it comes to romantic drama with a little bit of comedy genre. In this anime story goes like this, homeless teenager, Nanami Momozono saves a man and he let her stay at his house. After a short time of period, she realized that his home is a shrine and that she saved Mikage. She becomes torn apart between trying to leave this rundown shrine, and her new duties if she stays. This anime series is a shoujo romance type of anime, and in the article down below you can read about top 5 anime series like Kamisama Kiss.


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If you like Kamisama Kiss, Gingitsune will definitely be your cup of tea. The protagonist, Gintarou, is a fox spirit that protects one temple since the Edo era. The people who own the temple can see this fox spirit and one member of the family can have it, so when her mother dies Saeki Makoto was given the ability to have and use fox spirit’s power. The girl’s need for helping the community is the same as in Kamisana Kiss.

The Goddess is a Middle School Student (Kamichu!)

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This is a story about Yurie Hitotsubashi, a student girl, who is trying very hard that Kenji notices her. When she becomes a goddess, she joined forces with her classmate Matsuri, and the adventures begin. She is trying to balance school life with the new duties of helping people as a goddess.

Inari Kon Kon

Like in Kamisana Kiss we have a clever school girl who has the need to help others. Inari Fushimi one day saves a fox cub, for the god of the Inari Shrine, Uka-no-Mitama-no-Kami. The god thanked her and gave her a small drop of his power that allows her to transform into anyone at will. When she received the power she drawn a lot of attention from the supernatural world, and that is the moment when the adventures begin.


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Kagome is just an ordinary girl until the demon pulled her down into a well in her shrine. She fell asleep, and when she woke up, she was in feudal Japan, 500 years ago, in war and demons. She becomes a reincarnation of a priestess, who has the job to guard the Shikon Jewel. She must fight all the demons on her way, even her ex-lover, Inuyasha, who is a half-demon. You have a normal girl and damaged boy in the romantic drama, like in Kamisama Kiss.


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In this anime series story goes like this, we have a troubled boy, who represents himself as the Yato God, the God of Delivery. He wants to have millions of worshippers, but he has not got his shrine. At some point, he meets the schoolgirl that saves him from a car accident. She survives a car accident but her soul becomes loose. They team up on a quest of finding and tightening her soul back.

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