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Party City Return Policy [Covid-19] – Refund & Exchange [30 Days]

At whatever point you consider arranging a Party, all things considered, you will make a beeline for Party City to get all your party supplies! In any case, what happens when you understand that one of the provisions that you bought is either harmed or isn’t actually what you anticipated that it should be? The Party City Return Policy comes into the picture here! This arrangement guarantees that you are totally happy with your buy, and if not, you can without much of a stretch bring it back.

Party City Return Policy
Party City Return Policy

Party City Return Policy

In the event that you are searching for approaches to see how to restore an item to Party City, you have gone to the opportune spot! This article gives all of you the necessary data about the arrival strategy. Furthermore, we additionally clarify the Party City Refund Policy and Party City Exchange Policy to you in this article.

Party City flourishes to make your Parties and festivities the most charming and vital. Along these lines, according to the Party City Return Policy, you can return most items inside 30 days of your buy.

Party City Return Policy

You will require a store receipt or the request affirmation email to restore an item to Party City. Additionally, if you don’t mind note that any product that you wish to return ought to be in its unique pressing, must not be worn, opened, or harmed.

Be that as it may, you can restore the occasional product, (for example, Christmas or Easter things) just as long as 7 days before the occasion. You can’t make such returns without a receipt, and all occasional product returns must be unopened.

Party City has an alternate Halloween Return Policy, which is shrouded in a later segment of this article.

About Party City

Prior to enlightening you concerning the approaches to restore an item, this segment briefs you about Party City.

Established in 1986, Party City is a notable retail chain of Party stores. It was established by Steve Mandell and today has its home office in New Jersey. Party City has more than 900 stores, remembering the establishment outlets for the USA, Canada, and Mexico.

How to Return a Product to Party City?

Since you think about Party City and the essential Party City Return Policy, this segment reveals to you how you can start an arrival. You can shop either from a Party City Returns—Party City store, or Cnline from their official site. Be that as it may, in the event that you are not content with your buy, you can return it either to a store or via mail:

Returning at Store:

Whether you bought an item from a store or on the web, you can without much of a stretch return it to a Party City store. That you should simply go to a Party city Retail store with the item, and the store receipt or the request affirmation email.

Approach any sales rep at the store, and they will assist you with starting your arrival. You can click here to find the closest Party City store.

Returning by Mail:

You may likewise restore an item via mail. For this, you should incorporate the request affirmation email in your arrival bundle. This email incorporates your request number and scanner tag. It is expected to guarantee brief preparing of your credit. In the event that you don’t have this email, you can compose your request number on a paper and remember it for the arrival bundle.

You can mail your arrival bundle to the accompanying location:


Attn: Returns

2727 W. Diehl Rd.

Naperville, IL 60563”

In any case, if you don’t mind note that all the Shipping and Handling charges and expenses that you pay to mail the arrival bundle are non-refundable.

Party City’s Halloween Return Policy

As referenced before, Party City has an alternate merchandise exchange for its Halloween things (counting outfits). All things considered, you may restore your Halloween buys inside 30 days of the day you get your item. Be that as it may, Party City won’t acknowledge any profits for Halloween items after 24th October 2019.

However, they will in any case encourage trades of Halloween buys after the 24th October. In any case, for this, the item that you need to trade must be unopened, intact, unworn, and in another condition. You should likewise have a store receipt or the request affirmation email for such trades.

Party City Refund Policy [2020]

To make the arrival procedure simpler for you, Party City Return Policy is joined by the Party City Refund Policy. Party City forms your discount following accepting and inspecting your arrival. For most items, you will get a discount on the full buy cost. Likewise, remember that Party City credits the first type of installment of your request.

Party City Exchange Policy

The official site of the organization doesn’t make reference to anything about the Party City Exchange Policy. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you wish to trade an item, contact client care or take it to the closest Party City store and approach a salesman for additional help. In any case, ensure that the item you need to trade isn’t harmed or worn.

Party City Return Policy — After 30 Days Guidelines

What is the Party City return policy over 30 days?

Party City Return Policy makes reference to that the returns are acknowledged inside 30 days of procurement. All returns ought to be joined by the store receipt or delivery receipt. Party City plainly makes reference to that you can’t return to them following 30 days. Occasional product can be returned as long as 7 days before the special seasons. After which you can just trade it with other Item for as long as 30 days of getting it. Occasional product incorporates Christmas, Easter, and Halloween Items, including costumes.

Your Items ought to be in its unique condition as it was conveyed to you or equivalent to you purchased from the store. The Items ought to be in its unique retail bundling for your returns to be acknowledged. On the off chance that your item doesn’t satisfy the above conditions, at that point you might be denied your return.

Party City Returns [2020] Without Receipt & Exemptions

Can you take advantage of returns without any receipt? Is there such a thing as Party City Store Return Policy No Receipt? Let’s see what it is.

What are Party City Returns rules exactly?

Are there different Party City Returns for Covid-19, and what if you’re living in Canada? What is going to happen after 30 days?

Whether you’re looking for the Party City Costume Returns or you would like to make use of Party City Store Returns, you should definitely check out the following details.

There are sure exemptions to the Party City Return Policy for things bought on the web. The accompanying special cases are just appropriate to the things bought from PartyCity.com:

  • Party City would not acknowledge your returns without a transportation receipt. On the off chance that on the off chance that you have lost or lost the receipt, sympathetically contact Party City for a substitution at 1-800-727-8924.
  • Party City won’t discount any Shipping and Handling charges or assessments to you.
  • You can’t recover your product credit on PartyCity.com, it is just redeemable at Party City store.

Still curious about Dollar General Return Policy?

Party City Covid-19 Returns (Return Policy)

What does party city return policy during covid-19 say about returning a product? Are you able to return a product with the help of Party City Return Policy Covid 19?

Party city has been shut until further notification. This is because of the crown infection episode. They have been searching for an approach to open up soon once the network isn’t jeopardized by it. As the infection can spread rapidly it is significant that keep yourself at a protected good ways from others. That is the reason we as a whole ought to follow the social separating convention and be protected and in doing so the circumstance will leveled out and the stores will be opened.

Non-Returnable Items

There are surely some items at Party City which are non-returnable once bought. Following is the rundown which incorporates the rundown of items which can’t be returned once bought:

  • Things uniquely made for your request, for example redone or customized things can’t be returned once bought.
  • Helium Tanks once bought can’t be returned.
  • Incomplete Party Kits can’t be returned and you can’t return singular segments of Party Kits. Whenever required you can return the Party Kits totally with the entirety of its segments

What are different techniques to Return to Party City?

Party City has web based business just as the disconnected store, so you have two choices for returning the things. Items bought online from PartyCity.com can be returned in two different ways (for example via mail and to store), though things bought from a store must be returned to the store. You will locate a similar issue with Express.

The two techniques wherein the online buy can be returned to Party City are:

Return By mail

So as to return the things bought from PartyCity.com via mail experience the accompanying technique:

  • Right off the bat look at from the Party City Return Policy whether your thing is qualified for return or not.
  • Print out the return form.
  • Fill the return structure determining the veritable explanation of return.
  • Spot the return structure inside the bundling box alongside the Item joined by its delivery receipt(invoice).
  • Mail the bundle to the location referenced below:


Attn: Returns

2727 W. Diehl Rd.

Naperville, IL 60563”

Extra focuses to be thought about while returning an online buy via mail:

  • Things to be returned must be unworn, in new condition and in its unique retail bundling.
  • Your returns must contain the return structure and unique receipt in any case Party City won’t have the option to process your return.
  • Silverware must be returned in its unique bundling and it ought to be unopened (Tableware things incorporate; plates, cups, cutlery, napkins and all providing food things).
  • All returns must be sent by the messenger administration which gave the office of shipment following and receipt affirmation.

Return at Party City Store (In-Store Returns)

What about the Party City return policy in store?

It is anything but difficult to return the things bought from PartyCity.com to Party City store. You require to convey your delivery receipt alongside the thing to be returned to your closest Party City store.

Party City Refund Policy

The Party City Refund Policy is basic and clear. On returning the items joined by its buy receipt or transportation receipt inside the time period, your discount is credited to the first type of installment. This implies in the event that you paid utilizing a Visa, at that point the discount will be given in a similar card which you utilized for installment.

On returning the things at Party City store, the discount is started right away. Though on returning the things via mail, Party City begins handling your returns when they get your return. So it might take a couple of more days for Party City to discount you.

After the discount is attributed by Party City to you via mail, it might take 1 to 10 business days for the sum to be reflected in your financial balance contingent on your bank.

Party City Exchange Policy (Consume, Halloween)

Trade of items at Party City should be possible in a similar way as returning the item. So as to trade a thing just return follow the procedure to return the thing at that point request the new substitution thing.

At the point when you need to trade anything at Party City, it must be accessible in stock around then. It is educated to check for the stock with respect to the substitution thing before returning any item.

Party City In-store Returns

What does party city in store return policy say about the in-store policy?

As a matter of first importance it ought to be obvious to you that the things bought from Party City (PC) store can’t be returned via mail. Along these lines, the main alternative accessible with you for returning in-store buy is by visiting the closest Party City store.

For returning your product only like the online returns, these things ought to likewise be according to the accompanying conditions:

  • Things ought to be unworn, in its unique pressing and new condition.
  • You should return the things inside the predetermined time, for example 30 days.
  • The item should be returned alongside its unique store receipt.
  • Follows a similar strategy when contrasted with Michaels.

Party City International Returns

Party City has its quality in nations other than the USA and Canada. The International return can be effectively trailed by Sephora return policy moreover. In the accompanying nations, Party City conveys its items and furthermore has a physical store:

Party City Return Policy Canada

The Party City Return Policy for Canada is like that of the United States. The main variety while returning the things to Party City in Canada could be the store area.

To find the closest Party City store around you visit this connection.

Other Countries

Party City additionally has web based business administration accessible to scarcely any different nations like Germany, Netherlands, France, Italy, Spain, and Austria. There are additionally physical stores of Party City present in these locales.

Because of various Geographical area, these nations host distinctive Get-together City Return Policy. The time span for returning a large portion of the items is 15 days in these districts. Different standards and areas may fluctuate according to the nearby laws.

Official Website

For more data, you may likewise check the Party City Return Policy page committed to various nations in which they work:

United Kingdom (UK) | Germany | Netherlands | France | Italy | Spain | Austria

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