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What Are N95 Masks and Why Are They So Good At Stopping COVID-19?

N95 masks have become more common since the pandemic started. People are growing more cognizant of what they are utilizing and the potency of their masks. Before buying an N95 mask, you have to know how helpful it can be and check for any limitations. Gathering the necessary information prevents you from wasting money and using a mask that might not be efficient.

N95 Masks: What Are They?

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N95 masks make great personal protective equipment (PPE), and they can protect you from airborne and liquid particles. These respirator masks help prevent contamination and the spread of COVID-19. N95 masks are prevalent with medical first responders and health care workers. Visit site to buy authentic N95 masks online.

Respirator Mask Ratings

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NIOSH rates respirator masks into three classes. These include:

  • R rating
  • N rating
  • P rating

R-rated masks are oil-resistant, and a good example includes the R95 mask. Besides being oil-resistant, the mask filters 95% of airborne particles. N-rated masks aren’t oil resistant. However, their naming also indicates the percentage of airborne contaminants that they can filter. The N95, for example, filters 95% while the N100 filters 99.7%.

P-rated masks are oil resistant. Like their N and R brethren, they also filter between 95 and 99.7% of contaminants depending on their rating. All the N-P-R masks have their unique use case scenarios; however, you can pick one up if you want the added air contaminant protection.

Reasons Why N95 Masks Are Common

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These masks are commonly used as dust respirator masks. However, people have turned to them because they can help protect their faces from airborne and liquid contaminating particles. You can find an N95 mask for sale online, and it promises 95% protection against fumes, mists, and dust.

The mask achieves these numbers by blocking all particulates down to .3 microns. You also get protection from large droplets of sneezing and cough, thus ensuring that nothing penetrates the barrier. These capabilities make it possible to use the mask for COVID-19 protection.

Pros and Cons of N95 Masks

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Different masks are designed for different conditions. The N95 mask is recommended to wear when the surrounding environment is affected by dust particles or contaminants that can lead to health problems. All types of respirator masks have their limitations and advantages. Here are a few benefits and drawbacks of the N95 mask.


  • Blocks 95% of airborne particles
  • Protects healthcare professionals
  • Provides better nose and mouth protection, unlike surgical masks
  • Provides bacteria, fluids, and virus protection


  • Aren’t reusable
  • The mask can clog when worn over a long period
  • Can’t control outgoing droplets

How to Find an N95 Mask for Sale

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If you are planning on buying a mask online, beware. There are lots of fake masks, and you must be keen when looking for the best ones. Here is all you need to recognize when purchasing an N95 mask for the first time.

● Avoid Little-Known Brands- Buying a mask online necessitates for you to only work with reputable companies. When you search for N95 masks on Amazon, you will come across lots of offerings.

Some of these will be genuine, while others are fake. To save yourself some time and money, only contemplate ordering from a trustworthy manufacturer.

● Reviews- Read the description and ensure that everything seems legit, and so do the reviews or comments. Most little brands will pay for reviews to seem legitimate.

However, the best options will have detailed reviews explaining everything that you are to expect upon purchase.

● Buy a Batch- One common disadvantage of the N95 mask is that it’s not reusable. Therefore, to ensure that you have a collection of usable masks, you should consider buying a packet or batch.

Be on the hunt for sales or look through different sites to guarantee that you will find the best deals.

Types of Face Masks

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Besides the N-P-R mask options, you might as well consider other offerings in the market. All these masks can protect you from contracting coronavirus and help you lead a long, healthy life.

● Paper or Cloth Masks- These masks help curb the spread of coronavirus. These masks should be the baseline for anyone who wants a mask that can minimize the chances of contracting coronavirus.

● They also prevent the users from unknowingly transmitting coronavirus to others. The best material for these masks is thick, dense cotton.

● Surgical and Procedural Masks- These masks cover your nose and mouth, but they are loose-fitting. Their loose-fitting nature makes them unfit for coronavirus protection.

They are fluid-resistant, thus shielding you from driblets from wheezing and coughs. The main aim of these masks is to help the wearer from transmitting any contagious droplets to others.

● Respirators- These are medical devices or masks that help prevent exposure to tiny air droplets. Most people who wear them get a fit test to ensure that they are the right model, size, and make.

They offer a tight seal, thus being an attractive option for protecting oneself from coronavirus. However, the CDC doesn’t permit them for public use.

● Buy vs. Make- With the abundance of masks in the market, some people opt to make their custom options. However, not all of these options can match the effectiveness of the N95 mask. If you are thinking about making your mask, you have to consider a few factors.

There are lots of fabrics that can protect from contracting coronavirus. Canvas fabrics provide you with a good solution when making or designing a mask.

You should also consider adding a few layers of fabrics for the best protection. Adding lots of fabrics on top of one another minimizes the number of holes.

Buying a mask, on the other hand, saves you time and provides the best results. You always want some peace of mind that the mask you have is made by professionals and for a purpose. With the N95 mask, you also get to enjoy a tight fit that protects you from both air and liquid contaminants.

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