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DSW Return Policy – Return Items Online @www.dsw.com

DSW gives a period utmost of 60 days for returning an Item. So as to get a full discount in your unique type of installment, you should return the item unused and in its unique condition inside 60 days of procurement. DSW Return Policy expresses all DSW returns must go with alongside the first buy receipt. On the off chance that you return a thing following 60 days of procurement with receipt or transporting receipt, at that point you will get a discount as a product credit.

DSW Return Policy
DSW Return Policy

DSW Return Policy

DSW Return Policy

DSW additionally acknowledges returns on Gift. On the off chance that you return your blessing on the web at DSW.com, at that point, the sum will be discounted in the first type of installment. Other than this, on the off chance that you return the thing at the DSW store, at that point you will get your discount as a product credit. You can get to know more about the DSW return policy online using this page.

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If you’re living in Canada, you’d definitely want to know about DSW Return Policy Canada. Furthermore, you cannot miss out on DSW return policy rewards. If you are into PayPal thing, then it’d be strongly required to keep an eye on DSW return policy PayPal guidelines. Did you face the shoe problem? If so, then you’d be in need of checking DSW return policy defective shoes.

DSW additionally has an all-encompassing return time of 365 days for DSW VIP first-class individuals. To know more about DSW Return Policy, please continue reading below:

DSW Returns

Are you willing to make use of the DSW returns online or do you want to do it by mail? It doesn’t matter where you live i.e. Canada, USA, or the UK, as long as you are doing it all right in line with the DSW returns policy. Another question is can you make the most out of DSW returns without receipt i.e. after pay? There’s a lot that you might be missing out on about “DSW return policy online” and nothing will change unless you get to know about it.

What does the DSW exchange policy say about the return process? Does it give you permission to return the products you purchased by mail or you’re meant to do it all via online method only? Let’s figure out whether you can do it without permission or not.

DSW VIP Status Non-members DSW VIP Club DSW VIP Gold DSW VIP Elite
In-store Returns Free Free Free Free
Online Returns $8.50 Shipping Fee $8.50 Shipping Fee Free Free
Return by 60 days 60 days 60 days 365 days
Exchanges Free Free Free Free

As it is as of now Illustrated in the table that in-store DSW returns are free for all individuals. Be that as it may, for online DSW returns Non-individuals and DSW VIP Club individuals need to pay a return delivery of $8.50 (in the event that you were conveyed wrong (harmed or flawed) at that point DSW will discount your Return shipping charges.).

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Besides, you can return your things to DSW inside 60 days for all kinds of individuals barring DSW VIP ELITE, as these individuals make some return memories edge of 365 days. What about the DSW return policy debit card? Is there anything like DSW return policy on defective shoes or broken shoes?

DSW Products List for Exemptions

Other than the general guidelines, there are additionally sure exemptions in the Return Policy. These exemptions to the DSW Return Policy are as per the following:

  • In the event that the thing you need to return is a blessing, at that point, the discount may be given in the card you utilized while installment.
  • In the event that the item is returned inside 60 days without a receipt, at that point the discount will be given as Gift Card, and the discount worth would be equivalent to the present selling cost of the item.
  • Things bought from DSW store can’t be returned via mail, however, Items bought from DSW.com can be returned to both; DSW store just as by mail.
  • On the off chance that you return an item following 60 days, at that point, the discount may be given as a product credit.

DSW Non-returnable Items

  • Here is the rundown of criteria of things which you can’t return once you buy from DSW:
  • You can’t return Specialty Products to via mail, be that as it may, you can return these things to store if unopened, unused and in its unique bundling with seal in-class.
  • Things set apart as “Conclusive Sale” are non-returnable Items. The same is been trailed by Reebok.
  • Gift vouchers are non-returnable (the rules would be diverse for the nations where there is distinctive law made for the Gift Card).

How to Return a Product to DSW?

You can return an item to DSW in the accompanying manners; Return at a DSW Store, return by paid ahead of time FedEx administration, and return by your decision of delivery conveys. The Most advantageous manner by which you can return your product is by visiting the close by DSW Store. In any case, on the off chance that you don’t have a lot of time, or essentially you might simply want to return utilizing different ways, at that point you may likewise return by means of mail.

DSW Shoes Return Policy

DSW Shoes Return Policy

Is there such a thing as “DSW FedEx return” and do you need to have the DSW FedEx return label? If you are looking out for a DSW shoe return policy, then you need to be with us on this page.

So as to return your item to DSW utilizing FedEx dispatch administration, you can experience the means referenced beneath. Likewise, recall that the Return Label which you create and print is Pre-paid, so you don’t need to pay any single penny on that.

  1. First, you need to print the FedEx return mark.
  2. Next, you will have to put your item(s) alongside the return mailing name into the first bundling.
  3. Take the bundle to the closest FedEx Authorized Shipping Center or FedEx Office.
  4. Once DSW gets your return the discount will be credited to you in the wake of handling.

Can I return an Item by some other Shipping Services?

Send the product in its unique receipt alongside its delivery receipt to the accompanying location:

DSW Address 1

How to Return an Item to DSW Store?

Returning a thing at any DSW in-store is simple, as all you need to do seems to be:

  1. Take your product to be returned to the closest DSW store.
  2. Recollect that the thing must be unworn and in its unique condition, says the DSW return policy worn.
  3. Remember to take the receipt (for store buys) or receipt (for online buys) alongside the first type of installment.
  4. Bring back your thing to the DSW store in its unique bundling.
  5. When your return is acknowledged, DSW will credit you the discount right away.
  6. Your discount will be credited in a similar type of installment strategy you utilized while buying. In the event that you bought from PayPal, Gift cards, store credit, or rewards authentication then the discount will be given to you as a product credit.

DSW Exchange Policy

What about DSW exchange by mail? Do you think you can do it by mail or even when you don’t have any receipt (i.e. without receipt or no receipt)? You can get the answers to all of your questions in the subsequent segment.

If you are on the lookout for “DSW exchange policy online”, this is the ultimate article you should be having your attention to. The exchange policy is likely to be slightly different than that of return and in most the cases, it is going to be a lot easy since you can easily exchange a product that you are not allowed to return.

The people get to know more about DSW Exchange Policy with the help of the official website linked through this page.

DSW Return Policy Worn

So, products that you’ve purchased from DSW are highly likely to be exchanged but it is necessary that they will be returned so easily. What about shoes? How to exchange DSW shoes online? Just like other items or products, you can also return shows online or exchange them provided that you are following all of the terms and conditions that have been laid out in the official DSW Return Policy.

Like different traders, DSW gives an alternative to free trade. The procedure of trade is like DSW Return when you return a thing for trade the discount is attributed back to you. When your trade request is put, at that point in like manner you will be charged independently for that.

Moreover, according to the DSW trade policy, a trade may be given to you if the thing is accessible in stock. Contingent upon the It is additionally obligatory for the thing to be unworn and ought to be in its unique condition to be qualified for a trade. This is what has been mentioned in the DSW return policy worn.

DSW Refund Policy

What exactly is the DSW Refund Policy? How much time do you think it takes for your refund to be generated and transferred to your back account from the time of the request? Yes, we are talking about “DSW refund time”.

On the off chance that you returned a thing at the store, at that point your discount will be prepared right away. In any case, for online DSW returns, DSW may take as long as 10 days to credit back your discount. You will get a full discount in your unique type of installment when you return the thing inside 60 days. Like Famous Footwear. In the event that you return the thing following 60 days, at that point, the discount will be given as a product credit.

DSW Return Shipping Charges

What is the DSW return shipping policy? Is there anything that I will be charged with? As far as the Shipping Fee is concerned, there is nothing you’re required to pay when it comes to DSW in-store returns.

All in-store returns to DSW are free. So you don’t need to pay any charge while genuinely returning your product to DSW Store.

In any case, you will be charged dependent on the accompanying criteria dependent on your participation. This return shipping charge will be discounted from your Refunded sum. Recall that, you won’t be charged the return sending just in the event that there was some mistake made by DSW because of which you are returning the thing.

www.dsw.com return policy

Does it also happen with the non-members? In other words, do the non-members need to pay the shipping charges while returning the items/products to DSW? We have answered all of your questions regarding www.dsw.com return policy.

As a matter of fact, they have to.

Non-individuals are those individuals who bought online from DSW.com yet have not bought into any participation plan. In this way, in the event that you are a Non-part, at that point, you need to expose a return shipping charge. Also, a total of $8.50 will be deducted from the total amount refunded to the bank account of yours. If you have any questions regarding www.dsw.com return policy, ask us in the comment section.

DSW Online Return Policy

Being aware of DSW Online Return Policy is strongly important because you don’t want to miss out on your return policy opportunity. What about those who belong to the “VIP Club”? Are there going to be DSW Return shipping charges for the VIP Club members?

Well, in point of fact, there are, and it is shown below:

For DSW VIP Club individuals additionally, the return shipping charges are $8.50. So on the off chance that you have taken DSW VIP club enrollment, at that point $8.50 will be deducted from your discounted sum. You can also bookmark this page for learning more about DSW Online Return Policy in next to no time.

DSW Return (VIP, Gold, and Elite)

Is it going to be the same for the VIP Gold and Elite members? Should they not get the next-level facilities as they have joined the best membership? Matter of fact, they should be. This is all about the DSW 60-day Return Policy where you must return the product within 60 days from the date of purchase, being a VIP gold and Elite.

On the off chance that you are a DSW VIP Gold or DSW VIP Elite part, at that point, you don’t have to pay any charge for your return shipping. Along these lines, right now, we will get a full discount for the thing on returning it. Likewise, the DSW VIP Elite individuals get 365 Days to return anything bought from DSW (or www.dsw.com). While every other part gets just 60 days for returning the items.

What is DSW Return Policy?

Do you live in Canada? If so, you’re ought to be in keeping with the DSW Canada Return Policy because, in this even, the DSW US/UK return policy is not going to help you out.

DSW return policy is somewhat unique for occupants of Canada, despite the fact that the time span for returning the things is the equivalent.

As DSW won’t acknowledge your DSW returns for things bought from DSW Canada store or www.dswcanada.ca, so to return the things via mail, address your bundle to:

DSW Address 2

For returning the things bought at DSW Canada available, you need to come to the closest Townshoes store. The thing must be unworn (says DSW return policy worn) and in its unique condition, alongside the buy receipt (for in-store buys) or dispatching invoice (for online buy) and unique type of installment. The return policy i.e. DSW return policy in-store can be checked below.

DSW Online Return Policy

It ought to be noticed that DSW Canada doesn’t acknowledge trade on the web, so in the event that you need to trade a thing, essentially return it for a full discount, and buy another thing which you needed as a trade. If there’s anything you’d like to know about DSW Canada return policy or dsw.ca return policy for shoes you bought online or at a store, please let us know in the comments.


Will I be charged a fee for DSW returns?

DSW returns are solely free for DSW VIP GOLD, and DSW VIP ELITE individuals. Different individuals will be charged $8.5 for return shipping. Be that as it may, if an inappropriate item was conveyed to you, or you are returning because of any mistake brought about by DSW, at that point the return shipping charge will be discounted back to you.

Can I return shoes to DSW after wearing them?

Unfortunately, you can’t return any items that you have used to DSW. So, if you purchased an item from DSW (or www.dsw.com) and wore it on any occasion, wedding, etc., you won’t be able to return it to DSW (or www.dsw.com) whatsoever.

Will I also need to return the free gift I received with the DSW order?

While returning a thing to DSW (www.dsw.com) in the event that you got a free item, at that point you need to return it alongside the Item. So, there’s no way in which you can keep the free gift with you no matter what.

What is DSW Customer Service Number?

Is something wrong with the order or item you purchase? Would you like to reach out to the most intelligent team of highly capable executives who will keep you at ease?

Do you want to make the most out of DSW Customer Service? If so, you should get the best of the customer care service that is shown underneath.

If that’s what you’ve been willing for, your presence will be highly appreciated at the customer service desk of DSW (or visit www.dsw.com). All you have to do is dial up the subsequent numbers:

  • For USA: 1-866-379-7463
  • For Canada: 1-888-874-6326

When can I access DSW online (at www.dsw.com)?

When can we access the website of DSW online (at www.dsw.com)? Do you have a problem with the products? If this is what is happening with you, you should know that you can access the website of DSW online at any time you wish. For more details, you could log on to the official website of DSW i.e. www.dsw.com.

Final Verdict About DSW Return Policy

We trust you have all the data on DSW Return Policy you were searching for and happy with it. Utilize our site in the event that you need to know the DSW Returns arrangements of other online stores.

Likewise investigate the return policy of other Footwear stores which bargain as online just as stores: Home Depot, American Eagle, Costco, Target, etc.

Offer your perspectives on the DSW in the remarks, you may likewise ask your inquiries identified with the DSW. If there’s anything that you need help with regarding DSW Return Policy, please do reach out to

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