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Best Ghost Adventures Fan-Picked Episodes

During the past few decades, the movements of ghost adventures in films and series have become increasingly popular and there have been many series that tried to be as captivating and scary at the same time. Ghost Adventures series is one of those and it surely succeeded in catching a lot of attention due to the topic it covers and to the fact that the genre is popular now.

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The plot

When the series itself is concerned, we should point out that the series follows the main protagonist, and the main investigator called Zak Bagans. We should also mention that Zak is not alone and that he is constantly being followed by his crew members, and they are Nick Groff, Aaron Goodwin, Billy Tolley and Jay Wasley. What do they do? Their main task is to follow and investigate all stories that are related to ghosts, both in the USA and in the world. They do this through the examination of the legends in the area, various interviews and visits to the haunted places. So, let’s discover what the best Ghost Adventures episodes are.

The Washoe Club: Final Chapter

This is the 7th episode of the 16th season of the series. The plot is centered on the club called Washoe Club which is located in Virginia City in Nevada. It should be noted that this one of the best episodes since it brings the characters to the edge.

Mount Wilson Ranch

Mount Wilson Ranch is the 9th episode of the 18th season and the entire team has traveled to the outskirts of Pioche, again in Nevada, since there were the reports of a ranch that is haunted and that possesses some kind of the supernatural energy. It was also reported that there are some aliens and other extraterrestrial beings were spotted there.

The Galka Family

This one is actually the 6th episode from the 6th season and the team is now ready to be there for their colleague called Gary Galka. The plot revolves around Gary’s daughter, who has passed away, and they try to reach out to her spirit on her birthday. It should be noted that they succeeded in recording the spirit in audio format.

Lewis Flats School

This one was done in episode 8 in the 16th season. The entire team is now found in Deming, NM, and the plot of the episode is about the school which is believed to be haunted. It was also believed that there are a lot of spirits present in the school and that they are counting, and that these spirits are of the Apache who were killed in the 1800s when they tried to fight off the invaders.


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This is actually the 16th episode of the 4th season and the team is once again in Nevada, in a town called Goldfield. They are not alone since they now work with EVP professionals, i.e. Mark and Debby Constantino. All of them are trying to come to a breakthrough.

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