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Best Weight Loss Programs for Women That Really Work

Losing unwanted weight might be a challenging process. We are witnesses to many juice cleanses, detox smoothies, and magic dietary supplements that promise to bring you to your ideal beach body in just a few weeks. Unfortunately, that is just not true. There are many factors you need to comprehend in order to successfully lose weight and keep it that way. That being said, today we are going to go over some of the best methods, both dietary and physical, to help you achieve your goals as soon and as easy as possible.

Intermittent fasting

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Intermittent fasting is a dietary method that is based on periods of fasting and eating. There are many variations as to how you’re supposed to approach this, but the main premise is simple, you are allowed to eat only during a certain period during the day. One of the most popular is the 16/8  method which limits you to an eight hour period during which you are able to consume food and hit your calorie goal for the day. Unless you eat way too much during this 8 hour period in order to compensate for a 16 hour fasting period, you should be able to lose weight this way. There are a lot of other ways to approach intermittent fasting. Some others include low-calorie days (500-600 calories) twice a week and so on. Studies have shown these methods to cause up to 8% of weight loss over 4-24 weeks, which is a significant improvement over some other dietary plans. In general, if you are a healthy adult, this is perfectly a safe way to lose weight and nothing is stopping you from trying it out, just make sure to know how to properly combine it with your favorite foods and beverages before starting, , just make sure to know how to properly combine it with your favorite foods and beverages before starting, in case you’re looking to try it without giving up coffee, make sure to read this article first: https://lifeapps.io/fasting/this-is-your-fasted-body-on-coffee/.

Plant-based diets

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Plant-based diets are popular more than ever. Both vegetarianism and veganism are paving their way into the mainstream. There are many ethical and environmental reasons this is the case, but we are focusing solely on dietary one. The basic idea behind this diet is restricting yourself from high-calorie foods. Plants are in general less rich in fat and protein but are rich in fiber, which can help you stay feeling full for a longer time. This does not mean that there are none that are able to fulfill your protein and fat needs. Having a balanced plant-based diet can and will hit all your nutrient needs. You don’t have to be completely strict with this diet. The flexitarian approach may also be a very good choice, since most plant-based diets may not be rich enough in iron, B12 and D vitamin, zinc, calcium, omega-3 fatty acids because those nutrients are typically found in animal products. Exploring this dietary plan will certainly help you lose some extra weight.

Working Out

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The caloric deficit can only get you so far. Losing weight theoretically is as simple as burning more energy than you take in, but like everything in life, it is not that simple. Your body can only burn so much if it’s not active and even then some things just stick with you. Having a good training regime paired with healthy eating habits will do the job for you in the best way possible. There are countless ways you can train your body, humanfitness.net can help you find out the best one for you. We are going to go through a couple of them ourselves over here.

Jogging or running

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Let’s start with the basics. These are great basic exercises to help you shed some weight. The main difference between the two is the intensity. Jogging is a form of a light run. With only 30 minutes of jogging or running at the right pace, you may burn between 300-400 calories. Also, some studies have found this type of physical activity to be very efficient against that persistent belly fat. So, lace up your running shoes and get to running several times a week and you will see the results very soon.


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This one is one of the more popular ones because of its effectiveness and simplicity. Nowadays, you don’t even need to own a bike. Most gyms and fitness centers provide you with stationary bikes that allow for cycling indoors. Maintaining an average speed of 13 mph, cycling may burn up to 300 calories in just a half an hour. Considering this is a low-impact exercise, it is great for everyone regardless of their fitness level.

Weight training

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There are so many benefits to weight training. Besides the obvious ones, like promoting muscle growth and burning calories, weight training can help you raise your resting metabolic rate, meaning, your body will burn more calories while resting. Isn’t that amazing, losing weight during training and during rest? It is one of the most efficient ways to lose weight.

HIIT training

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High-intensity interval training involves short, intense exercises with low-intensity recovery periods. For example, HIIT workout on a stationary bike would include 30 seconds of full sprint followed by a slow pace cycling for about a minute or so. Furthermore, it is probably the quickest way to lose weight, since typically HIIT workouts last between 10 and 30 minutes. It is found that it can burn up to 30% more calories per minute than the regular workout.


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Swimming is a great exercise for your whole body. It is fun, it is effective. There are various styles and ways in which you can swim, all different from one another in terms of calorie loss. On average, you will burn around 250 calories during a half-hour interval. However, if you want to spice things up, doing a butterfly will up that number over 400. Also, swimming is also great for improving flexibility, is very easy on your joints, making it very suitable for everyone.


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Yoga is a very popular way to workout, lose some weight, and relieve stress. It may not be commonly known as a weight loss exercise, but, yoga burns a solid amount of calories. Relieving stress may not seem that important for weight loss, but if you think about it, many people are stress eaters, so it certainly affects your weight and well-being in more ways than one.

Now that we are gone through several methods that will help you lose weight, it is very important to remember that it is not an overnight process. You should not be easily discouraged if it takes you a while to see results or if you notice you’ve been losing weight slower than you’d like. That is absolutely normal. Everyone has its own pace and it is up to you to keep up with your diet and workout program and keep on chasing your goal.

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