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6 Things to Avoid When Making Cannabis Edibles For The First Time

Sometimes each of us needs a break from the problems we face every day. If we do not learn to control our body in a time when we are in a stressful situation, these moments can further cause us huge health problems.

People use different means to get rid of stress. Many try to address this by diverting stress to some activities such as exercise or meditation, while some people immediately resort to pills and tranquilizers that work in such situations. But there is another group of citizens who naturally manage to overcome the accumulated stress through the use of herbs.

For example, valerian tea is great for calming and good sleep and many people consume it during the day. But another plant that is great for relaxation is cannabis, and through a series of studies by scientists, it has been proven that this herb works great for controlling the body in stressful situations. There are countless varieties on the market where you can find cannabis, from smoked cannabis, oils that are consumed orally, candies, and even in the most favorite sweet ever made, brownies.

If you’ve consumed marijuana, it must have occurred to you to make homemade pot brownies by now. In some countries, there are specialty coffee shops where these cakes are produced and sold, but you must have wanted to make them at home from scratch.

So go to the market to get the basic groceries you need to make this delicious dessert, and we will share with you some basic mistakes that beginners make when making cannabis edibles. Therefore, pay special attention so that you do not get into a situation where your effort and groceries fail.

1. You put too much

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Although the recipe for pot brownies states the amount of cannabis you need to add to the mixture, you still notice that it is too little and you add a little more than necessary. But this is completely wrong. The amount of cannabis that should be contained in the cakes is in accordance with the other ingredients that are added.

Adding cannabis can make it worse. Surely you do not want to overeat with brownies and that will result in sleeping all day, or you will fall asleep the next day and miss some important things. Always try to follow the given recipe and add ingredients as much as indicated in the recipe.

2. You put too little of what is needed

The same goes for this situation. You may not have enough cannabis to make the cakes, but you still decide to go ahead and finish the recipe. Once you have made and tasted them, you will be able to notice that they do not affect you.

This is due to the insufficient amount of CBD in the mixture. So you should try to monitor the amount of CBD needed to have some brownie effect when you consume it. Even if you do not have enough, postpone making them for the next time. This is a better solution than wasting good cannabis.

3. Grind it too much

source: pexels.com

This is one of the many mistakes that beginners make when it comes to making pot brownies. Although the recipe does not explain in detail how cannabis should be ground, beginners still think that it should be ground as finely as possible to combine with the other ingredients.

But this is not the right way. You should not grind the plant too much, because the finer you grind it, it can lose all the good ingredients needed to produce the desired effect. The finer it is ground, the more THC you will lose and it will have no effect. Instead of grinding it, it is enough to just chop it into smaller pieces, you will immediately notice the huge difference in taste.

Or, instead of fearing that you have overexposed or overeaten cannabis, you can go for a safer option and use CBD oil, which would have the same effect. We recommend that you order from stateofmindlabs.com, we can fully guarantee their quality and uniqueness.

4. Do not use cannabis butter

source: pexels.com

You can buy this butter in specialty stores that sell CBD products, order it online, or make it yourself at home. Honestly, if you are a beginner, you have not been advised to start doing it yourself at home, it would be better to order it online and leave this experiment for next time.

Why is it advisable to use cannabis butter instead of regular butter? Cannabis butter will combine ingredients much more easily than regular butter. You will not come across some dry parts in the cakes, but they will be equally moist, soft, and tasty on the whole surface.

5. Bake the cakes at a high temperature

source: pexels.com

This is a mistake that people often make when preparing cannabis edibles for the first time, and you should try to avoid it. The high temperatures in the oven can further destroy the effect that a pot brownie can have.

Depending on the quality of the oven, in some cases, your sweets may burn out. Therefore, our recommendation is to reduce the temperature of the oven, it would be better to bake them at a lower temperature for a long time than to end up with burnt brownies or in the worst case inedible ones.

6. You give up

source: pexels.com

Even people who are constantly preparing cannabis edibles sometimes fail to prepare the recipe like last time. But that does not mean that you should give up if the sweets do not turn out the way you wanted them to. Sometimes it takes a lot of effort and practice to find the right recipe for you. If one recipe does not work for you, you may want to try another one where the ingredients are different and there is a bonus ingredient that makes the brownie better and tastier.

Here are some things to keep in mind when preparing cannabis edibles, in this case, sweet chocolate brownies. I hope you will follow our advice, and put it into practice. As we approach the end we have another thing to tell you, if you have all the necessary ingredients for phenomenal pot brownies, now is the right time to head to the kitchen and start preparing them. If you follow our tips, we do not doubt that you will be able to make the juiciest and most delicious brownies that exist. Enjoy their magical taste and have a wonderful relaxing time.

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