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Timber Decks: Why They Are the Great Aussie Garden Feature

The timber deck is ubiquitous to the Aussie garden. They are the great southern meeting place, where BBQs are held and friendships confirmed. They are a shelter from the sun and storm, a source of great pride for any homeowner and the perfect entertainer’s spot. It’s no secret that we Aussies love a sunny day gathering, and here are a few reasons why the timber deck should always feature on one:

They are perfect for sunny days

Source: sunstatetimbers.com.au

The very best landscaping service North Shore homeowners can enlist will build a timber decking that is perfect for sunny days. After all, Sydney experiences some gorgeous year-round weather, and any homeowner should try to optimise their outdoor time with a decking. Whether you’re hosting a summer BBQ with your best mates or have the family around for Sunday lunch there is no better place to enjoy it than on the decking.

Your experts will consult with you on how you want your decking to be built. They will consider your garden and how the design can best fit into the pre-existing landscape. One thing’s always for sure: they will create a decking that is absolutely perfect for entertaining guests or just kicking back on a sunny arvo!

They are perfect for relaxing

The great thing about a timber decking is that you can install a half-cover that allows you to enjoy the sun at its best and escape it at its worst. This makes it the perfect part of the home for relaxing on a gorgeous afternoon. We Sydneysiders should always make the most of the wonderful weather we are blessed with, and this is the perfect way to do just that.

Whether you just want to soak up sun, or want the perfect reading spot, the timber deck is your dream location! It will be designed in a way that perfectly suits your need for it, and this can most certainly include combining both entertainment and relaxation features!

They up your home’s value

Source: sunstatetimbers.com.au

There’s nothing like a stunning garden feature to up your home’s resale value and a deck is the ideal solution. If you ever decide to sell you can trust that potential buyers will be wowed when they come through the home to find an elegant decking awaiting all their sunny arvo dreams. A stunning deck is a great investment as it can add thousands to your home’s resale value whilst providing you with an awesome spot to enjoy before you sell.

They allow you to enjoy the outdoors even at tougher times

Sydney – as well as having some of the world’s best weather – is not immune from gnarly storms and ghastly summer days. And, of course, these storms can randomly roll through on the most beautiful of summer afternoons, meaning you might still want a place to enjoy the warmth despite a downpour. What’s more, a decking provides the perfect shelter from the midday sun whilst allowing you to enjoy the summer heat.

They are so versatile

The last point we want to make is about versatility. You can have your special decking designed with all kinds of features that make it uniquely yours and a joy to behold. From covers to sandstone cladding, timber screens and special staircases, the options are abundant for homeowners looking to add a unique touch to their dream decking.

It’s for these reasons why they are the perfect addition to the Aussie home and why you might be considering one for your backyard!

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