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8 Exceptional Residential Waste Removal Tips

A few decades ago, people would heap all residential waste in one bin before disposal, leading to messy handling of the waste and disposal. However, it’s easier to handle and dispose of waste today than it was a few years back. By providing innovative solutions to solve pressing and challenging dilemmas in managing waste, waste management companies such as EagleDumpsterRental, make effort to have the highest trust rate with their service.

An average person would think of waste removal as throwing the trash to the trash bin and handing over the waste to trash handlers. However, residential waste removal entails more than that. You may need to hire services  to remove a tree trunk from your compound.

Sometimes, you may need to upgrade furniture and appliances- You’ll need ways to dispose of the old ones.

There are several tips for waste disposal. However, you can implement the best tips below. You’ll easily manage your waste and pay less for waste disposal. Read more about all the services you can get from your favorite waste disposal company.

1. Decline any material you don’t need

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If you want to reduce the amount of waste in your house, you decline any material you don’t need. Once you go shopping, the attendants want to give you the best services. In the end, they end up handing you several disposable plastic bags. Since most of them are single-use papers, you end up with a huge heap of waste bags.

Sometimes, you can dispose of the product packaging at the store- some will offer a bin where you dispose of some packages like the toothpaste box. It helps you reduce waste to your home.

Alternatively, you can buy package-less items- especially the grocery. Potatoes, cabbages, tomatoes, carrots, and others don’t need individual packaging. You can carry them in a reusable bag and sort them once you get home.

2. Recycle and reuse

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One way to reduce waste in your house and around the compound is reusing and recycling. You can reuse several items for various projects.

For instance, your kids can use plastic bottles to make DIY toys and house decorations. Also, you can recycle liquid waste- for instance, you can use kitchen water in your kitchen garden. However, do not direct soapy water to your plants as it may affect some plants.

It’s costly to set up a recycling facility at home. But if you can afford it, it’s a great way to utilize and reduce some waste. But, you should always place the recyclable material in the recycling bin. It helps the waste handlers like Tip It Rubbish Removal to sort out residential waste with ease.

3. Have a Compost Pit at Home

Organic waste is one of the major waste that you will find in homes. They range from kitchen waste to plants and grass from the compound. You can make good use of the waste if you have a compost pit in your compound.

The compost pit helps you make manure for your kitchen gardens. If you live in an apartment with no compounds, you can use an indoor compost can. You can use the compost for your indoor plants or give it to neighbors that may need it.

4. Sort Your Waste

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One mistake a homeowner can make is to heap all the waste in one place. It would lead to a chaotic environment. Even trash handlers would charge more for their services since you don’t have organized waste.

Waste segregation helps you to keep your home needs. Also, it helps you point out the waste you should recycle, what to take to the compost pit, and what to take to the landfills. Always place the waste in the appropriate packages. If you keep the waste outdoors, ensure it’s away from the house, and the containers are well sealed.

5. Buy Goods in Bulk

Many goods in the stores will have packages. If you buy small packages every week or after every few days, then you’ll have a lot of waste packages to dispose of. You can reduce the waste packages by buying goods in bulk.

Bulk goods mean you’ll have more products in one great packaging. It reduces the waste you produce per small item. However, you should ensure that those are the basic items that you need regularly.

6. Use Reusable and Eco-bags

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One of the easiest ways to deal with trash is to use reusable bags. Cotton tote bags are great when you need to carry your groceries. Always offer your bag to the store attendant to avoid carrying home single-use plastic bags.

Eco-bags are an alternative to reusable bags. You can buy them when you forget to carry your bags to the store. Even if the bag ends up in a landfill, it will reduce hazardous plastics in the soil. They may be expensive but worth saving the environment.

7. Check Before Burning Waste

One way of handling domestic waste is burning. However, it’s not an excellent idea if you don’t sort your waste well. Some waste can produce toxins and hazardous smoke into the air. You should contact your local waste handlers before you burn any waste.

If there are some hazardous materials, they will supply you with liners that prevent the toxins from getting into the air. Alternatively, it would help if you let them handle any burning of trash.

8. Donate some Items

Source: thespruce.com

There are several items that you need to dispose of but are not dilapidated. You can always donate your furniture and appliances to your local op shop. Some families may appreciate getting used goods at a price they may afford. Also, the shop may forward the goods to charity organizations that help the poor in society.

Your local trash removers will help you move the large waste to the donation center. Before they come, you can place them outside near the collection point.


The tips above will reduce the amount of garbage that ends up in landfills. Most of the waste in the landfills would have been put to better use. For instance, old furniture and home appliances would be useful to someone else if you opted for donations.

Also, some shops would use them to get spare parts for other appliances of the same brand. They can recycle the casings and use them to make toys or other items.

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