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7 Common Mistakes all Beginners make when Growing Cannabis

Are you an occasional cannabis smoker? A lot of people enjoy this plant from time to time and they love to have fun when on their own or with friends. How many times have you thought about taking this up a notch, and creating cannabis for fun and personal use? Well, if you’re interested in planting and growing this on your own; keep on reading and understand what are the common mistakes that people tend to make so that you can avoid them in the future.

7 Common mistakes all beginners make when Growing Cannabis

1. You are not using the right genes

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If you end up using bag seeds you might experience this issue. You are probably working with duds that are not the best solution. Clones should be a no-no on your list as well, so rather stick to a batch that is proper & by a grower who you can trust, or someone who you have worked with sometimes before and in the past. Working with just one bad or poor seed or with a bad clone will lead to you losing the entire batch and you will have to redo the process starting from scratch.

2. Not knowing how to manage pH levels

Although you are probably not a chemist you can still understand and manage the pH of your cannabis just fine and on your own. If your pH reading is off; you will end up with a sick plant that can’t produce the right yield. The right level will help with plant absorption. Go for either:

  1. A) pH level of 6.0 to 7.0 when working with soil
  2. B) pH level of 5.5 to 6.5 when working with a hydroponic setup

Make sure that you get the right pH kit for yourself before you begin the process.

3. Using bad soil and a wrong fertilizer

Source: budsgrowguide.com

A lot of us end up making a poor choice when it comes to our trusted and go-to seller. First-time growers are not too sure what to pick since they don’t have the right level of expertise or knowledge. Also, we tend to get overwhelmed with options that are presented to us on the market, and not knowing who to trust can get tricky. This is why you should read some reviews before you make your purchase. Just know that purchasing the right pH level soil is a must-do step. All fertilizers have the NPK ratio, which stands for Nitrogen, Phosphorous, and Potassium. Do not use the same fertilizer throughout the grow, and adjust per need.

4. Not using enough light or sunlight

Everyone needs a bit of sunshine in their life, wouldn’t you agree? If you don’t have a garden and you’re trying to plant cannabis indoors just know that artificial lighting is a must-have in your case. This is where you need to use fluorescent lights to speed up the process. Each plant needs to be covered with the right amount of lighting that will help it get long, healthy, and strong. Usually, bulbs that have 600 watts are a good idea. Several of them will help you speed up the process. If you are lucky to have a backyard make sure that there is some convenient shade nearby, just so that your cannabis doesn’t get over-fried.

5. Overwatering your plants

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Believe it or not, overwatering your plants is possible. Your plants of any kind will need the right amount of water to survive. Do not let your cannabis plant dry out and become dehydrated since it will become droopy and die sooner than expected. How to know if your plant is thirsty? Check the soil with your finger and touch the top inch. If it is dry; water it with a reasonable amount of water.

PS: Also, make sure that your plants are getting just the right level of O2. They will not grow without the right level of hydration, air, warmth, as well as sweet talk & love.

6. Poor security and not knowing the consequences

Security & the way that your cannabis is secured from the rest of the world is also important. You should be smart & cautious when it comes to your at-home garden or flat planting. You should never:

Plant your cannabis in your backyard where others can have access to it

Do not grow it on a window

Don’t talk about your cannabis to other people

Never post about it on social media

Don’t take or share photos

You should keep your business private & kept separate from the world. There can be some legal consequences, but you are also putting your cannabis out there are you’re leaving a possibility of getting robbed.

7. Poor preparation for the growing process

Source: freepik.com

Lastly, how well did you prepare for the process? A lot of people (especially first-timers) are not even sure how to prepare for this time-consuming process both mentally and financially. Smoking for free may seem like fun & wild concept, which will further lead to you just getting into the process without paying close attention to details. Take our top 7 tips & tricks into consideration, listen to a podcast, read a book, and possibly read someone’s review or personal experience on the process. The more you’re in it and the more you’re invested; the better the results.

Want to know a bit more about cannabis in general?

Are you interested in starting this process and doing it entirely on your own? You can experiment for a little till you get the hang of it. Just remember that practice makes everything perfect! You can actually read more here and enjoy an in-depth guide on how to plant and grow cannabis, and also embrace some other tips that we forgot to mention in this article. There are also some products & services at your disposal, as well as videos & a Q&A section that will help newbies get the hang of it!

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