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Top Affordable Neighborhoods for Renting in New York City

New York is undoubtedly one of the most reputed cities in the world. From the Scandanavian Countries to Asian Countries, thousands of languages apart, NYC is common knowledge! Such visibility and popularity often come at a cost, which is the case with this grand city. Don’t let the price tag stop you from moving to the city of your dreams!

If renting an entire apartment is out of your budget, you can always look up private rooms for rent in Manhattan or Brooklyn using renting portals, such as this, which can be relatively less pricey than renting an entire place of your own. According to your preferences and budget, each borough has different neighborhoods that may be the most suitable for you. If you’re confused with all the options looming in front of you, you’ll have much more clarity after reading this article! Without further ado, here are the TOP affordable neighborhoods for renting in NYC based on its 5 boroughs- Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx, Staten Island.

1. Manhattan

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Manhattan is NYC’s central borough, which also happens to be the most populated one! The essence of a city that never sleeps is thoroughly felt here as Manhattan is always bustling with life! With the iconic Central Park, legendary Empire State Building, and the glistening Times Square, no person on Earth can resist moving to this vibrant borough. Your life will never be the same once you start living in your room for rent in Manhattan!

If you’re looking for affordable housing options for rent in Manhattan, neighborhoods like Hamilton Heights or Harlem might do justice to the price charged. The transportations system is robust, and you can always aim to find a room for rent in Manhattan near a subway station or any bus-stops that could carry you directly to your place of work or education. Inwood and Washington Heights will also be a convenient option for you. Since this city has a population of 1.6 million people, finding a roommate or a trusted roommate finder in Manhattan to cut your costs further would be a breeze!

2. Brooklyn

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Brooklyn is one of the most historical and cultural boroughs of NYC. With its convenient location, you can visit any part of NYC through Brooklyn by all its bridges and ferries. Ambitious professionals can look at rooms for rent in Brooklyn to secure opportunities from companies like Vice Media, Etsy along with nearby corporate giants like J.P Morgan Chase and Pwc.

If you want to get a room for rent in Brooklyn, there are plenty of neighborhoods that you can explore without exceeding your budget. If you’re going to stay near the up-beat and active part of Brooklyn, localities like Flatbrush are perfect for you. Not only is it economical to live here, but it is also safe. Never compromise on safety when it comes to finding rooms for rent in Brooklyn. Other neighborhoods such as Bay Ridge, Sunset Park, and Bedford-Stuyvesant are lovely to stay at with or without roommates, based on what you choose! You and only you are the bosses here!

3. Queens

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Queens is an NYC borough situated across the East River. It has a wealthy conglomerate of different cultures and traditions, making it extremely pleasant to live in. Don’t worry about any space concerns you might have while looking at rooms for rent in Queens as this is the biggest borough according to its area. You can always enjoy quality me-time in any of the plentiful green spaces that this county proudly exhibits. Neighborhoods like Flushing can get you the best deals while renting a room in Queens. It also has the most ethnic population in NYC, with places like Chinatown nearby. Some other suitable neighborhoods like Queens Village, Forrest Hills, Rego Park, and Sunnyside are pleasant to find rooms for rent in Queens.

4. The Bronx

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One of the most culturally diverse and accepting boroughs in NYC, The Bronx is commonly known as the birthplace of Hip-Hop. With artistic influences in every nook and corner, finding a room for rent in the Bronx exposes you to a lot of creativity. From trendy street art to traditional and vintage museums, living in a rental space in The Bronx can get all your artsy juices flowing.

The Bronx is one of the most affordable boroughs in NYC, with neighborhoods like South Bronx, Riverdale, Concourse, and Kingsbridge to live comfortably without worrying about the rent exceeding your capabilities. Find rooms for rent in the Bronx in the perfect neighborhood with online portals for your convenience.

5. Staten Island

Source: ny.curbed.com

Staten Island is an incredibly warm and welcoming neighborhood. Even though it is located in a big city like NYC, life on Staten Island is very mellow and comforting. The area is filled with aesthetic and calming green spaces, making it a very charming and delightful borough in NYC.

If you are looking to rent rooms in Staten Island that give you easy and affordable access to the beach, New Dorp is the one neighborhood for you! Not only does it have vintage looking picturesque homes, but it also has tons of recreational and historical sites to visit. Arden Heights is a popular area with a close-knit community of people. Other neighborhoods such as Huguenot, New Springville, and Todt Hill are remarkable localities to find a room for rent in Staten Island.

Find your perfect, affordable housing in NYC and let the city charm you in all its mystical ways! Don’t forget to grab a slice of some NYC style pizza as an initiation custom if you’re new here!

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