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10 Biggest Moving Mistakes and How to Avoid Them – 2024 Guide

Moving can be a difficult process and that (usually) will have to face a few times in our lives, so it is quite possible to make mistakes from which we may later regret it. From our extensive, we offer you a list of the mistakes you should avoid so that the movie ends up being a complete success.

1. Leave everything for the last minute

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Packing is possible for a short overnight trip, but the same is not true when you have to pack your entire house. Leaving everything until the last minute is undoubtedly one of the biggest mistakes you can make.
As soon as your move date is confirmed, start putting everything in order. It has a plan detailing when and how each item is packed. This will also give you a rough estimate of how many things you own.

2. Underestimate the moving task

There are many elements involved in a smooth move. Yes, packing is an important part, but there is much more. In addition to packing, you need to load everything into a moving van, transport, and unload it.

3. You did not check the insurance

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The moving company damaged your valuable grand piano during the move. Now what? To protect you from such damage and loss you should have adequate insurance.

4. Assuming that moving on your own is going to be more profitable

Although at first glance it may seem that moving on your own is going to be much cheaper, many times the cheap can end up being expensive. If the move is going to be local and small, you have experience in these types of transfers and a large group of friends willing to help you, perhaps moving without professional help is a better option.
Now, if you do not meet these requirements, you should ask yourself some questions before deciding to make the move yourself. Do you know what it costs to rent a van or truck? Do you have experience driving this type of vehicle? Do you know how much the packaging material costs and how to package it correctly? Do you have the necessary tools? Are there elevators in the origin and destination homes? How do you plan to move the fridge, heavy furniture, or the washing machine? Do you have enough help?
A moving company will meet the deadlines, they will save you the effort of moving heavy objects and their professionals know how to handle boxes and furniture so that they are not damaged. In addition, hiring professionals will make your life easier and free you from much of the stress of moving. This website will give you more answers to what professionals have to offer, how long it will take, and other important information.
To your friends, just invite them to the housewarming party.

5. Don’t pay attention to the packing itself

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Newsprint is not the solution for everything. If you decide to pack yourself, you can use bubble wrap for dishes or other delicate items, cork for electronic devices, protective covers for mattresses, or closet boxes to store clothes.
You should also avoid overloading the boxes. Although the equation fewer boxes = fewer trips may seem logical, the only thing you will achieve will be to make loading and unloading too difficult and, in the worst case, injure your back.
Also do not forget to correctly label the boxes indicating their content and to which room it corresponds. It will help you when unpacking them to put things in their place and identify fragile objects to treat them with more care.
Finally, we recommend using quality materials to avoid failures.

6. Don’t get rid of what you don’t need

Moving can be the perfect time to clean up and throw away all the things that you have piled up in a corner and that you haven’t used in years (and, accept it, you’re not going to use it again). Endeavoring to keep them will only hinder the transfer and also, think that you can get some money by selling them, giving them away to a friend or donating them to those most in need.

7. Unplug the freezer the same day you move

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If you leave it for the last day, you will probably find yourself chopping ice or draining water when you least expect it. It is important that you unplug the freezer at least two days before the move so that you can clean and move it properly.

8. Forgetting that your pet moves too

Like any other family member, pets can also be stressed during the move. To avoid it as much as possible, we recommend that your pet travels with you and that you do so with the appropriate equipment (travel basket in the case of cats or dogs, etc.).

If the journey is long, it is convenient that you and your pet take a walk at each rest stop. Also, prepare a kit with food, drinks, toys, and take the appropriate measures to act in the event that the animal becomes dizzy during the trip (ask your vet).

9. Forget to carry what is important with you

Source: crosscountrymoversgroup.com

It is essential that you carry important documents and valuables with you at all times: ID, passports, documents, invoices, jewelry, money, keys, etc. Especially if you are going to make the move with friends and family, since there may be mishaps.
Also, if the trip is going to be a long one, it is also convenient that you take food and drinks, medicines, toilet paper, scissors, basic tools, and cash with you.

10. Don’t make a list of the inventory you’ve packed

While it may seem like it’s just another job that will take up time you definitely don’t have, don’t miss out on doing it. Make a list of everything you move and that way you will mean that you have transferred everything from one location to another. In the end, just check the list and you know you haven’t lost.


Source: movers.com

This is one of the most stressful events in our lives. It requires a lot of effort, concentration, and organization. So don’t forget to take care of yourself, to eat, to rest, to drink water. Your health is priceless.

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