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7 Things to Know About Rental Car Insurance in Austria

Whether you’re coming to Austria by your own car or planning to rent one over there, you might need insurance to protect yourself from a possible accident.

Check out the country’s regulations, the rules of the road, and types of rental car coverage in Austria to get insured on the best terms.

What Happens If You Damage a Rental Car Without Insurance?

First, it is important to claim that it is not compulsory to rent a car with insurance while traveling in Austria. Nevertheless, you should know that renting a vehicle without coverage may result in serious implications in case you cause a road accident.

If the accident is your fault, you will be responsible for damage to the rental car and any liability issues. Therefore, it is crucial to have insurance that will cover your and other involved passengers and drivers’ damage.

How Do I Claim Rental Car Insurance in Austria?

Source: carinsurent.com

When coming to Austria, you can easily claim rental car insurance from a car rental company. However, you don’t necessarily have to buy car insurance from the company you’re renting.

You can cover your vehicle against any common damages and theft by purchasing a car rental insurance Europe policy at carinsurent.com. Such insurance will be a better deal, as it will cost you at a fraction of the price you would pay at the rental desk.

Types of Car Rental Insurance in Austria

To claim affordable yet functional rental car insurance, you need to explore all available options. There are three main types of car insurance in Austria:

  • 3rd-party liability insurance;
  • partial coverage;
  • and full coverage.

Third-Party Liability Insurance

This is the only compulsory insurance required to rent a vehicle or register your car in Austria. Third-party liability covers possible damages to other people’s health or property if you cause an accident.

Partial Coverage

Source: expatica.com

Partial coverage is additional coverage, which is optional for drivers who rent a car in Austria. However, this insurance can cover damages to your vehicle in case of break-ins, shattered glass, fire, theft, and other damages while parked.

Full Coverage

This type of insurance is also optional, but as opposed to the previous options, this coverage involves all of the above as well as damages to your car after accidents.

7 Tips to Follow When Renting a Car with Insurance in Austria

It can be quite challenging to purchase car rental insurance and protect your rental car. Yet, if you stick to the list of things to consider when choosing car coverage, you will surely make the right choice.

1. Consider Getting Coverage from a Standalone Insurance Provider

Source: which.co.uk

Getting a car hire excess insurance policy from a standalone insurance provider can save you up to 40% of your money. Learn about options of rental car insurance available in the market, and pick the most appropriate coverage that can pay out all damage.

2. Double Check Everything Your Car Rental Insurance Covers

Attentively check the information about what your rental car insurance in Europe will cover and what is not. As a rule, ordinary car rental insurance excludes damages to the engine, tires, wheels, roof, undercarriage, windows, mirrors, key coverage, and lockout.

3. Check for the Insurance Policy with Roadside Assistance

If you want to claim a car insurance policy for roadside assistance, get ready to pay the extra money, as it isn’t involved in full coverage. However, if you opt for a standalone insurance provider with comprehensive policies like CarInsuRent.com, you can get an insurance policy that covers you for everything.

4. Be Ready to Make a Credit Card Deposit

Source: capetown-airport.co.za

Most rental car companies ask clients to leave a security deposit when claiming insurance. As a rule, they hold the amount in your account in case you damage a vehicle in an accident, and release the deposited sum after you return the car. For this reason, you should ensure your credit card limit allows you to pay the deposit along with other planned expenses.

5. Look for the Booking With Free Cancellation Option

Carefully read the terms and conditions of the car insurance policy before making any booking. Unexpected event such as COVID-19 can change your plans and it is advisable to make sure the coverage provides a possibility to cancel or reschedule your car rent and insurance.

6. Check if the Insurance Provider Is Regulated

Unfortunately, when you book a rental car with insurance, there is always a chance to have fallen victim to the scam. To prevent such a situation, you should make sure that the insurance provider is regulated. Learn everything about the coverage you plan to choose for your upcoming trip to Austria, and feel free to drive without being concerned about your rental car.

7. Keep the Company’s Emergency Number on Hand

Source: experian.com

Ensure you have the company’s emergency number to avoid being stranded in the middle of a road with a broken-down vehicle. Try to figure out who to reach out to and how in case of emergency with a rental car, before leaving a rental office.

Final Thoughts

Car rental in Austria can be much cheaper and more affordable than you imagined using advanced rental price comparison engine for car rental prices. The sophisticated engine is automatically updated, continuously, with the prices of every car rental company in Austria – including special offers, discounts and offers.

Simply fill out the form: In the destination country select “Austria” (this will probably be the first country in the form) and then select the city in Austria where you want to pick up the rental car – Vienna, Linz, Graz, Salzburg, and other destinations where you can book a rental Car in Austria. Enter your dates of arrival in Austria – and get the cheapest prices.

Have a safe trip.

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