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How do Florists keep Flowers fresh for Online deliveries

Giving flowers as gifts has been a dominant way of showing love and affection for centuries, perhaps even millenniums. There are so many beautiful things about flowers that make them attractive and peculiar for humans. From having a little piece of nature inside of your home to satisfying multiple senses at once, having a flower arrangement as the décor centerpiece will transform the room and make you feel happy and fulfilled.

There are many practices and habits people have when giving flowers. Most of the time, they are presented to women, mostly from men but also from other women, during special occasions and big days. From holidays and birthdays to graduations and similar achievements, they can either serve as a gift on their own or complement the main gift and act as a side present. In any case, the emotions on the gift receiver’s face are priceless and their day is usually much better if there is a bouquet in it.

Another common practice in modern times is flower deliveries. Since we all have people dear to us who sadly live far away, we cannot meet up and spend quality time together nearly as often as we would like. Still, we do not forget about them during their important events and on dates that mean something to them. Therefore, as seeing them in person is not possible, the next best thing would be to send them a gift via delivery service. More importantly, it would be best if you send them a fresh bouquet of flowers through an online flower delivery company.

About Flower Delivery

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Web-based services that deal with delivering both simple and elaborate flower arrangements to various destinations are very popular right now, just like any other delivery service. Due to many factors in the world today, people are busier and otherwise unable to leave their homes and take a few days off to do what they want or need. Therefore, they employ others to do it for them and everyone is happy. With flowers, things are largely the same. Specialized businesses offer all sorts of flower types as well as different bouquets, flowerboxes, and other arrangement ideas for any occasion.

Through their online libraries, you can pick and choose everything you like and make a special custom delivery for your loved one who lives far away. As a matter of fact, they do not really have to live far anyway. It is simply a convenient way of doing things and you can even do it within the same city. The delivery can arrive in a day, a few days, and on the same day if you are in a rush. It hardly matters where you live as flower deliveries are quite popular nowadays. One of the best examples here would be Kiev flower delivery. They have a great variety of choices for your flower needs so make sure to check this out.

There does however exist a certain issue with deliveries, or rather a thing not many customers know about. Most of them wonder whether or not the delivery will remain fresh and what the condition of the individual flowers will be by the time they arrive at their special someone’s home. Well, all we have to say is there is no reason to worry since these companies have solutions for this. Read on to learn how florists keep flowers fresh for their many online deliveries.

Staying Fresh

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There are quite a few ways in which florists can keep their flowers fresh for long and they often use multiple at the same time to maximize the results. In the following section, you will learn how they do it so that you have peace of mind when ordering your next flower delivery. You can also learn a thing or two and do the same with your own flowers to keep them fresh for longer!

  • Cutting the Stems

If you cut the stems before you place the flowers in water, they will certainly stay fresh for longer than usual. This works even if you buy a bouquet and get it home. Buying from expert florists will always result in cut stems and flowers that stay fresh and alive for at least a few days after the delivery. Cutting the stem again in a few days will make them last even longer.

  • Removing the Extra Leaves and Foliage
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Another neat and easy trick that florists perform is cutting back or pulling off the extra leaves that are not really needed for the arrangement. This is especially important for the leaves that will be submerged in water after the bouquet hits the vase. There will be less bacteria in the water that way, which in turn helps the water remain clean and clear for longer, preventing odors and keeping the plants fresher. Most importantly, the main bloom gets the water it needs to survive longer.

  • Temperature is Key

If you ever go into a flower shop, you will easily notice the difference in temperature as well as the humidity compared to the outside, and your home. This is important because their flowers have to stay fresh and in good shape for days, else they will be dry and not look presentable. The room should not be too cold nor too hot. No direct sunlight or excess heat should be present, so no windows, heating vents, or appliances. Most florists keep their individual flower cuts and bunches in fridges similar to drink fridges you see at supermarkets to keep them cool and fresh for longer.

  • The Right Diet
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Last but not least, treating the floral arrangements with the right food is among the best ways to keep them alive and well for as long as possible. For more vibrant flowers and longer freshness, you can mix sugar and apple cider vinegar and add it to the water. Soda can also help and ¼ cup of lime or lemon soda in the water will not only make them stay fresh but give them a sweeter smell. You can also toss a penny in the water, not for luck but to help fight off the bacteria since copper is good at that as a nice acidifier.

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