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Where Is The Best Place To Order Carnations In Bulk?

Carnation is an ideal material for making flower compositions. These flowers have high durability, which allows them to maintain decorativeness for two weeks without special care. They look best in mono-bouquets, especially in combination with other varieties and shades of their kind.

In FiftyFlowers online store you can buy carnation wholesale from the plantations of the world’s best producers. We guarantee strict compliance with all transportation requirements, so cut flowers will be delivered to you as soon as possible and in excellent condition.

Reasons to purchase bulk carnations

Carnation, according to auctions held in Holland, is included in the top list of the most popular crops. Currently, more than 2000 species and 80 genera of this flower are known. Every year about 25 new varieties appear, and some of them remain in production for decades.

So what is the secret of such popularity of carnations? These flowers are valued for their simplicity and elegance, ideal symmetrical shape, pure tones, and rich shades of buds.

Previously, carnations were given to men who went to war, as well as to those who returned as a sign of the joy of victory. Therefore, for a long time, scarlet carnations symbolized bloodshed and courage.

Now, these beautiful flowers are given on many occasions and their symbolism has also changed. In many countries, they mean passion, charm, honesty, sincere love, and good luck. Increasingly, carnations began to appear even in brides’ bouquets.

Carnation wholesale classification

Source: flowersandjules.com

Depending on the form of growth, size, and type of flower, the following groups are distinguished:

  • Standard with 60-80 petals per flower.
  • Branched (spray carnation or bush).
  • Chinese are characterized by the presence of one flower on the stem, and branching options are also possible.

Carnation meets high-quality standards if its flowers are in the stage of half-budding and have a pronounced spicy-sweet aroma. The optimal flower diameter is from 8 to 12 cm, the stem should also be long (90-110 cm) and thick enough in volume. Buds with 60-80 petals with a fringe along the edges look most impressive.

However, the edges of the petals can vary from perfectly smooth to heavily serrated. The texture of the petals should ideally be quite dense and not fragile.

According to the types of coloring, carnation is subdivided as follows:

  • Buds with one pure dominant color, with strokes of several shades.
  • Buds of pure color, having flakes of the same shade.
  • Completely monochromatic flowers.
  • Buds with a border around the edges of the petals.
  • Flowers with flakes or streaks on a yellow or white background.

It is necessary to carefully approach the choice of the shade of carnations, so if the pink color symbolizes the love of children for their mother, then more colorful striped buds mean refusal.

For a batch of cut carnations to retain their aesthetic qualities for as long as possible, it is recommended to store it in a clean and regularly ventilated room with an air temperature of 5-8 degrees. To avoid withering of inflorescences and falling off of petals, it is undesirable to place carnations next to daffodils.

Where to order fresh carnations in bulk?

Source: countryliving.com

Choosing a flower supplier is a responsible task, because the beauty and quality of the flower, and hence your reputation, directly depend on it.

The most common and understandable way to buy inexpensive flowers for your business is to order from wholesalers. If you are a resident of a metropolis, you will have plenty to choose from. Visit each base personally, and do not rely only on reviews on the Internet. After all, it is your money and the reputation of your business.

If there are no wholesale warehouses in your city, look in the nearest district center. Choose those companies that deliver flowers to the regions, otherwise, you will have to arrange flower delivery yourself. Chat with the owners of the nearest flower shops. Perhaps they will agree to cooperate to order flowers in bulk and save on shipping.

When choosing a supplier for bulk carnations, pay attention to the following points:

  • Before the first visit to the company, find out if they work with individuals, legal entities, and individual entrepreneurs.
  • Most warehouses where you can order flowers in bulk only work with customer cardholders. It usually needs to be done on the website. There is also a list of documents required for registration.
  • Find out how the supplier handles product quality claims. If something wrong was brought to you, it should be possible to return the money for it. For some suppliers, a photo of the defective item is enough, for others, a bunch of paperwork is required. Ask whether claims are accepted for all types of flowers.
  • Chat with the manager. It is he who will advise you online, help with the choice of flowers, take orders for flowers, arrange delivery, and accept complaints about their quality. If you think that the manager is incompetent or just unfriendly, it will be difficult to solve the problems.
  • When visiting the company, pay attention to the storage conditions for flowers. Ask how often the water is changed and vases are washed, and whether refrigerators are made of quartz.
  • Find out the delivery days to buy fresh carnations in bulk.
  • Find out the minimum order amount and the minimum number of colors of one item.

There are two main ways to order flowers: pre-order or free sale

Source: countryliving.com

By pre-order, you send a list of required flowers in advance, and the supplier purchases them at the auction specifically for you. This is convenient if you can predict the required assortment. You will need to wait for a pre-order for several days, and you will only know the final cost after the delivery.

In addition, there are flowers for free sale, which you can choose directly from the warehouse or order in bulk through a manager. Usually, suppliers make mailing lists or instant messengers with an assortment.

Buying carnations in bulk with FiftyFlowers is very simple. The service guarantees customers fast delivery and a flexible pricing policy. The store offers a wide range of flowers from different parts of the world, regardless of the time of year.

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