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Best Tales Games: Which has the best gameplay elements and story?

Tales games, or rather “Tales of….” games are a popular type that has a mystical world filled with magic and creatures in its center. Different characters navigate it, and you and your companions have to complete quests and finish the story. Many of these games exist, and here we will go over the best Tales games available.

Tales of Vesperia

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This game has the best cast of characters in all Tales series. The complex group of heroes each has their own guiding force, motivations, beliefs, and values.

The story follows Yuri Lowell, who is a former imperial soldier who left his position due to some issues he had with the military. People of Terca Lumeres in Vesperia rely on a kind of technology called “blastia”, and it powers everything they have.

On one mission to find his the blastia of his home, Yuri comes across, who turns out to be a princess. They run away from the capitol after a pursuit, and things become very complicated for them.

Tales of the Abyss

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This is one of the most interesting games of this type, and it really has a habit to play with the expectations of its players. In the story, Luke Fon Fabre is a noble who most of his daily time in his families estate. His favorite and most exciting thing in his life is his swordsmanship teacher Van.

After Van survives a failed assassination attempt, Luke’s life will never be the same because he finds himself outside his home, in the wild. Luke joins forces with the assassin Tear, and he must find a way back to his home however he can.
Luke is mostly a whiny teenage hero, but the more he overcomes, the closer to a real man he gets.

Tales of Symphonia

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This is one of the first Tales games that have a 3D rendering, but the battle system is still a linear path in what is essentially a 3D arena.

There are heavy religious themes in the story and world of Symphonia. Lloyd Irving and his friend Colette, the “Chosen of Regeneration”, go on a quest to restore the mana of the world.

On their adventures, they learn the truths regarding the Church of Martel and the current state of their world. They even find out that there is also another separate world, by the name of Tethe’alla.

Tales of Destiny

Tales of Destiny is the first game that came to North America. It is not really that popular, but it is worth a go thanks to the interesting characters and action-based combat, both of which drew in a lot of the fans of true RPG games.
In the story of this Tales game, Stahn Aileron is a young country boy whose biggest wish is to become an adventurer, and therefore he stows away a flying ship called Draconis. An enemy force attacks the ship and our hero searches for a weapon. He stumbles upon a sentient sword, Dymlos, and the two have many adventures.

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