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Career Mode in FIFA: FAQ for the Beginner

Career mode in FIFA 22 is one of the most popular and in-demand modes in the game not only among offline players but also among owners of licensed versions of the game. The career mode originates in the first versions of the game. But the same regime that we are used to appeared in 2006.

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How it all began

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In the game, it was possible to stand at the helm of the team, negotiate with scouts, and sponsors, and also carry out a complete transfer policy of the club. An additional feature was the ability to rent players and manage their contracts (extend/terminate). Based on the developers’ comments, there was no big bet on this mode, since the main goal and task was to add as many leagues as possible and realize maximum realism in the game.

But the demand for a career Mode in FIFA amazed everyone and made the developers think that it might be worth working out this mode and pleasing their large audience.

And in 2008, a new mode was introduced in FIFA 08 – “Be a Pro”, which is now known to us as a player’s career.

Now let’s figure out what the career mode in FIFA 22 is and what you need to do in it. We will also analyze in detail all the settings of the player and his characteristics.

What are the career modes in FIFA 22?

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In 2024, the career mode is a colossal vector of directions that the developers offer us to choose from:

1. You can become a football coach at one of the football clubs. You will be able to choose a real club and lead it, conduct transfer policy, train football players, select and appoint agents and develop a youth school.

2. You can create/select a player and achieve football heights. You have to play for one player or an entire team, participate in training, pump and hone your skills to earn a place at the start.

Career as a coach in FIFA 22

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Imagine, you are appointed the head coach of your favorite team and you can assemble the squad of your dreams, do you like it? All these features are implemented in the vastness of FIFA 22 and we will be happy to tell you about them.

Initially, you will have to create an external image of your coach. This is quite an important point because you have to give various post-match interviews and get on the covers of newspapers. After choosing your character, you need to fill in his first name, and last name and choose a country, and also refine all the details of his appearance: face, physique, hairstyle, eye color, and of course choose the right clothes. After the final creation of personal data and the appearance of the coach, we proceed to the selection of the club.

In this window, we have to choose between the existing club and the one we created. Remember, if you have chosen a club from the “Other clubs” zone, then you need to transfer it to an existing league, for example, to the Premier League or any other.

After choosing a club, you will need to set all the parameters of your game, such as difficulty, duration of the half, currency, European cups, transfer window, etc. After you have completed the initial preparations, the team is fully ready for your management.

Career as a FIFA 22 player

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The well-known player mode in FIFA 22 or “Be a Pro” will allow you to feel like a professional player who will have to fight for a place in the squad and a high salary.

The mode starts with a fairly difficult choice – create your player or choose an existing one. If you choose to create a new player from scratch, you will see that it is much like the beginning of the career of a coach. Initially, you have to choose the appearance of the player. In the next tab, you should fill in all the detailed information about the player and his appearance. You should pay special attention to the “Position” tab, where you need to select a playing position on the field. And finally, you go to the tab with the team selection, where you have to train and fight for a place in the squad. After choosing a club, you will get to the “career parameters” tab, where you need to set all the parameters. Congratulations, you have become a player in your favorite club!

We hope this article has helped you figure out how to start FIFA Career Mode. Even though there is news on the internet that EA wants to stop making a FIFA game, it still has updates coming out.

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