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3 Strategies for Setting & Achieving Your Educational Goals Online

With the advent of the Covid-19 pandemic, education has transformed entirely into an online venture. Because of it, students have had to adapt themselves to an online environment as well and reorganize their education goals. There is a vast difference between physical education and online education, and students can’t have the same priorities for physical education as they do online.

According to Abraham Lincoln University, achieving online educational goals has become a must because of the current situation. The pandemic restrictions won’t be lifted anytime soon and that is why students need to properly set their educational goals and find intuitive ways to achieve them. However, receiving education from the internet is a new aspect of learning that many students still aren’t accustomed to.

As a matter of fact, many students are still struggling to create and adopt proper strategies for their online education goals. We understand that is not an easy task by any means, especially since the mode of education was transformed so rapidly. That is exactly why we are here – so that you can learn new strategies to set your educational goals and achieve them successfully.

These strategies are proven to be effective and tested for real-life scenarios with students themselves. We strongly recommend reading the article to the end to gain insights about how you can conquer your goals with all the success in the world. Additionally, even if these strategies are designed for learning, they are equally applicable for other aspects of your life.

Set measurable and achievable goals for your online education

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There is a popular saying that says “Dream big” but the thing is, it doesn’t tell you how to put these big dreams into action. While we definitely encourage having high goals, if they are too high that they are almost impossible to achieve, then that goal loses its inherent meaning. Instead of “dream big” we would instead say “dream realistic, achieve them and then dream higher”.

This is especially true in the case of online education. The easy availability of resources and courses in the online medium has encouraged more and more students to take on more than they can handle. Consider this – you have a passion for literature and to help develop your skills you take multiple courses on language history, phonology and literature. The end result? You can’t give focused attention to a single course and end up back at square one.

Don’t set goals that are impossible to achieve. They will only hinder your success and disallow you to focus on one thing. Instead, keep small and measurable goals for yourself. Make these goals achievable so that when you do achieve them, you fuel your drive which motivates you to try harder.

Keeping such goals keeps your mind practical and steady. Measurable goals also mean goals that have measurable outcomes and consequences. Ask yourself – will this goal help me in my online education? How would it help and how much time would I need to invest in the goal?

Revise your goals in your mind repeatedly

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One of the most common mistakes students make is writing down their goals and keeping them safe in a notebook away in a corner. Consequently, these students then forget about their goals since they aren’t revised from time to time. This not only hinders the student’s educational growth but also discourages them from learning further since they don’t have a proper plan.

That is why it is necessary to write down the goals you have in your mind, both short-term and long-term, someplace where you can easily see them. When you do this, you have a glaring and stark reminder that you have goals that need to be achieved! This is one of the most straightforward ways of keeping yourself updated about your progress.

If your progress is skyrocketing positively, then that’s great! It means you are acknowledging your goals on time and completing them to the best of your ability. Conversely, if you observe that your goals are going into negative territory, then it might be time to re-evaluate them. Consider what’s most crucial to you right now to be achieved in a short period of time and prioritize it over anything else.

This clears your mind and gives you a stark idea of what you should prioritize. Seeing positive progress also encourages you more to give your best shot no matter what, escalating the rate at which you as a student can achieve your goals.

Don’t get discouraged from technical failures

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Online learning has come with a major flaw that was unprecedented by many people – technological difficulties. These problems can vary widely from person to person but in essence, they all revolve around the core difficulty of not being able to access educational resources because of a tech barrier. Some students might have poor systems that make accessing online resources a mess or have internet issues with their devices.

Whatever the case may be, you shouldn’t get hampered by them and still strive for the best you can deliver. Consider if you are doing an online assignment on your PC and you suddenly experience a power outage that makes you lose all your data. The most natural response would be to give up in frustration and not bother with the assignment again.

While we understand the response, we strongly recommend against it. Technical failures are going to be frequent when you are trying to achieve your online education goals. However, they shouldn’t deter you from your path. In the above case, what you can do is simply get a pen and paper and write down as much of your assignment as you can and then type it later.

If something is entirely blocking your way to achieve a specific goal, consider moving on to another goal and come back later for it when you can. This is a good way of utilizing time and every student should adopt similar strategies for themselves.


There are various strategies that can dictate your growth and assist you in achieving your goals in online education. We hope this article was helpful for you and if it was, please consider following our website for regular updates as it will support us immensely.

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