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Top 4 Best Gender Bender Anime You Need To Watch

Anime shows are probably Japan`s best export product. There are so many of them right now, that we can`t even count all of them. They come in many genres like comedy, horror, thriller, drama, love stories, etc. Some of them are so popular that even Hollywood is making plans for filming a live-action movie based on them. Now, we are going to talk about the best gender bender anime you can come across on the internet. Naturally, most of them are comedies or are offering so much comic relief in the pauses of being dramatic. Buckle up and let’s go.

Ouran Koukou Host Club

Img Source: funimation.com

Did you ever think about how it would be to study in the school which is rich children exclusive? Most of today`s kids thought about that most certainly. Plus, did you ever thought about having debt so large, that you must do something you don’t want and be what you are not? We present you with the story about a girl named Haruhi, who gets mistaken for a boy after breaking an expensive vase and gets forced to host club parties in order to pay off her debt.

Aoharu x Kikanjuu

In “Aoharu x Kikanjuu” we are in the world which is full of beautiful boys. So, it is not hard to mistake some boy for a girl, right? That is exactly what happens to the main protagonist of this anime, Hotaru Tachibana. In some period of time, she joins a team of boys who love to play survival games. The main conflict of this series is beef between her two teammates who are not happy to have a girl as a part of the team. Our hero is capable, but can she be as good as boys?


Img Source: goodbadotaku.wordpress.com

Now, we have another one that is related to having a large debt. This time, debt doesn’t make you do the things you don’t want. This time it transforms a boy into a girl. In “Himegoto”, we have a boy who has so much debt that he is changed into a girl. And, he needs to pay them off in order to get back to the normal state. That`s not the end of his adventures. He is made to live dressed as a girl for the end of his high school. This is only a smart part of what we can expect from this series and our main protagonist.

Ranma ½

Img Source: animenation.net

The story of “Ranma ½” follows Ranma Saotome who is a talented martial artist who has been training since he was a little kid. One day, he gets into trouble that will change his life forever. From that moment on, every contact with cold water results in him becoming a girl. Also, when he is touched by hot water, he becomes a boy again. But that is not all that is strange about this show. One character gets turned into a pig when he gets in contact with cold water. How about that?

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