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5 Best Water Pokémon

If you are interested in this article, then you are most likely a fan of famous anime show Pokémon. This show took the world by surprise since it was released back in 1997. Today, it is probably the most popular anime in the world. If you are a fan then you know that there are several kinds of Pokémon, like rock type, water type, fire type, ground type, etc. Now, we are going to give you an insight into the best water-type Pokémon depicted in the show.

Pokémon #1 – Blastoise

Img Source: bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net

The first Pokémon we are going to talk about is Blastoise, which the final form of Pokémon called Squirtle. We can say without any hesitation that this Pokémon is a fan favorite, which originates from the first generation of a tv show. Blastoise can evolve, even more, its final transformation is called Mega Blastoise. This Pokémon features huge water cannons on its back, which are a serious weapon in a fight against fire or ground type.

Pokémon #2 – Kyogre

Img Source: drawcentral.com

Next one on our list is the legendary Pokémon from the third generation, called Kyogre. Kyogre is a part of a trio which consists of Groudon, Rayquaza, and itself. The final transformation of this Pokémon is called Primal Kyogre. This is one of the most powerful creatures in the world of Pokémon. It can expand oceans, and it can control the rain. It has some pretty strong attributes, especially those who regard defense. When it transforms into Primal Kyogre, it is one of the strongest creatures in the whole universe.

Pokémon #3 – Gyarados

Img Source: pokemonerfindung.fandom.com

Now we have a special one. Gyarados is very unique, due to its two types in one creature. It is both water and flying type of Pokémon. It became a fan favorite since the first generation. Its original form is called Magikarp which is not considered as good as its further transformations are. Furthermore, it can evolve into Mega Gyarados. It has great defensive stats, but the attack is probably the best thing that this Pokémon has to offer.

Pokémon #4 – Greninja

Img Source: bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net

Greninja is a very different Pokémon than those you are used to. It is a mix of water and dark type, which proved very interesting several times. Greninja became very popular in the sixth generation of Pokémon. On the first look, it resembles a frog, which is not a surprise, because Greeninja evolves from an original form called Frogadier. Greninja throws start made of water, which is very effective at slicing up the enemies. They are even strong enough to cut through metal.

Pokémon #5 – Swampert

Img Source: pokemon.fandom.com

Swampert is both water and ground type of Pokémon. It is present in the franchise since the third generation and evolves from the original form called Marshtomp. Furthermore, it can evolve into a Pokémon called Mega Swampert. Don’t let the pictures fool you, this creature is pretty big. When it turns into Mega Swampert, it becomes even bigger. It has good stats when it comes to strength and swimming, again, especially when it evolves into Mega Swampert.

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