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Why Vaping is so Popular Among Teenagers – 2024 Guide

Since different countries in the world started banning smoking in public places, passionate smokers have tried to find an alternative way to enjoy the nicotine, which will be ok for the non-smokers. Some countries even started banning smoking in certain open public spaces, making this nightmare for smokers even worse.

However, this didn’t last long, until the tobacco industry invented a way, or rather a device, that can satisfy your nicotine hunger and still be acceptable for non-smokers and the environment. The style is called vaping and the product is an e-cigarette.

We’re talking about the electric devices that can create aerosol from the filling that contains nicotine in different percentages. The primary idea was to develop them as a tool for helping those who want to quit smoking, which meant their usage would be limited to 8 weeks maximum. This was considered to be the optimum time one needs to overcome the crisis and completely stop smoking.

The nicotine itself, even in regular cigarettes is not the most dangerous ingredient of cigarettes, so this meant that e-cigarettes would be free from the most dangerous contents, such as tar. But like it is the case with anything in the market, the industry developed so many models, flavors, types that this product drew the attention of the teenagers very much. We’ve all been in that age when experimenting with smoking is a normal phase you go through, only today, it’s called vaping.

This is why in this article we will discuss some of the reasons why vaping is so popular among teenagers.

Selection of vaping liquids with different flavors

Source: hackensackmeridianhealth.org

Liquids are the key element necessary for using this product because it makes the user satisfy its daily need for nicotine. While being warmed, it turns into vapor which then gives the same feeling as smoking as it goes through the breathing system. Liquids are available in different strengths and flavor variations which you can browse through on www.vaporsolo.com. This is one of the main reasons teenagers are progressively being hooked on vaping.

E-cigarettes are available in different nicotine percentages and as we mentioned flavors, so each teenager can choose the liquid giving them the most satisfying taste.

However, most of those who are used to smoking normal cigarettes and having a certain intake of nicotine daily, tend to choose liquids with higher nicotine percentage. This is a good idea, to begin with, especially if the reason for vaping is to quit smoking. Also, the taste will be the same as the normal cigarette, because the only ingredient in common is nicotine and there’s no combustion happening. Trying out different flavors before deciding which one suits you best, is the way to go. It is certainly better than going with other people’s recommendations since it will not guarantee your satisfaction.

Vaping appears to be stylish for many reasons

Source: additudemag.com

Vaping among teenagers is not about nicotine addiction, what is visible now is that these devices have become an accessory. Unlike regular cigarettes for which you had to pay good money to looks stylish since all those stylish packages are from the most expensive brand, vaping devices can be found all over the internet in flying colors. They can be discreet or they can be in screaming color. They can have multiple colors and even different drawings on them. Above all, what is considered to be most stylish is the shape. So far, we have seen anything from a regular cigarette shape to a lipstick shape with diamonds on it. You don’t even have to have a lighter, they come with a charging station.

If you google vaping a bit more, you will find all the different tricks teenagers are learning to perform with these devices. You can even find a manual on how to learn certain tricks. So, you can say that it is also turning into a sport. The more tricks you know, the cooler you are among your peers.

It’s cheaper than smoking

Source: seafieldcenter.com

We already mentioned that cigarettes, especially if they are stylish, come with a price not all teenagers can afford. The monthly pocket money is simply not enough to cover a smoking habit. On top of it all, there’s always someone in the gang who likes to smoke but doesn’t buy. Sharing cigarettes has decreased with vaping. It is not likely to ask someone to borrow a smoke. And the liquid filling itself last way longer than a regular pack of cigarettes.

Aside from all the mentioned, it has been proved over time that e-cigarettes reduce the desire for smoking. Not being so addicted to nicotine reduces the time you spend smoking. So, vaping becomes just a habit, not an addiction, which automatically makes it cheaper. You can vapor, but you won’t face a crisis if you don’t.

Vaping helps you overcome your nicotine addiction

Source: sciencemag.org

The point written before this one already started explaining how vaping helps people overcome smoking addiction. To further explain, you need to be aware of how vaping works, since it’s different from classic smoking. You inhale it much slower and longer, time-wise. Sometimes you may feel the desire for one more smoke, especially in the transition times from smoking, but this is just until you develop a routine with a new device. One other difference is that vaping does not require smoking the whole thing. The ability to take a smoke or two when the time allows is especially handy for the teenagers since hiding from the adults is not required.

A cough may appear as a symptom of irritation and habitual change. If it does, consider trying another flavor, until you find the suitable one.

It’s allowed in some public places

Source: vox.com

Besides containing less nicotine, vaping is still allowed in some public places. And the thing most important to the teenagers is they leave no stinky trace, or evidence someone has been smoking. This allows them to enjoy some vaping before bedtime while chilling in their room.

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