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Tips on how to Save Money Growing Marijuana with Cheap Weed Seeds

Growing marijuana, especially when you first start out can burn a hole in your wallet. During the current ongoing pandemic, many people have lost their jobs and finances have been tight. Experts have advised us to stay indoors so most people who use marijuana products are currently smoking more than they used to.

So instead of buying marijuana from the local dispensary, many people have opted to grow their own weed. Since the pandemic, there has been a major increase in the number of people purchasing cannabis grow equipment. Lots of people have plenty of free time on their hands, so now is a perfect time to learn how to grow.

The issue most cannabis lovers find when growing weed is the price of the equipment, electricity, and seeds. So, to help you cut the cost of growing cannabis, we have combined some tips to help you out.

Buy Cheap Weed Seeds

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Believe it or believe it not, you can buy high-quality cannabis seeds without having to break the bank. When visiting your local grow store, you were probably shocked at the cost of some of the seeds. Well known, feminized seeds normally cost a pretty penny, but at the same time you don’t want to spend day in day out growing marijuana with low-quality seeds.

Instead of going to your local grow store shop online instead. Online stores like at this address:

https://amsterdammarijuanaseeds.com/cheap-marijuana-seeds offer you high-quality cheap cannabis seeds because they don’t have the same running costs as a traditional grow store. Most online stores don’t have a physical shop so they don’t have to pay a large amount of cash to rent a store in a prime location, they normally have fewer staff members and because they sell online, there is plenty of competition. The more competition means they will have to offer customers low rates if they have any chance of getting your business.

Also, consider purchasing in bulk instead of just a few seeds. Most marijuana grow stores offer customers fantastic deals when they purchase their seeds in bulk. Rather than purchasing directly from their website, send the company an email asking for further discounts. Although this doesn’t work every time, you might be able to save a few dollars. At the end of the day, there is no harm in asking.

Create your own Grow Box

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If you are new to growing pot, you might not have heard of a ‘grow box’ before. Well, this is essentially a grow tent that includes ventilation, lights, etc. This is where growers plan on growing their cannabis.

Although ‘grow boxes’ are not as popular as they once were, still some people like to use them. Grow boxes are designed for novice growers, but they are not designed to help you harvest or grow a large amount of plants. Most companies that sell these boxes sell them for a lot of money normally giving the customer unrealistic expectations.

If you are thinking about purchasing a grow box, doing a bit of research and purchasing the parts separately can help you save a mini fortune. Not only will you save money, then chances are the parts you buy separately will be higher quality than the grow boxes available as a package deal.

Do your Research Online

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Before the worldwide web became the most popular method of finding data, most of us had to spend a lot of money on cannabis grow books and DVDs to help us understand how the process is carried out. Nowadays, everything you need to know about growing and harvesting cannabis is only a click away. Here are some of the sites and platforms online where you can find out how to grow weed:

  • Streaming services: Major streaming services like YouTube have thousands of videos uploaded to the platform to help you grow marijuana. Many YouTubers that grow weed frequently publish videos helping inexperienced and experienced growers learn everything there is to know about growing marijuana.
  • Social networking platforms: There are plenty of cannabis-growing communities on social networking platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. These platforms are a great way to find others with common interests and you will find plenty of people willing to help you out with growing cannabis. You can easily send and receive pictures and videos of your plants with others on social media.
  • Websites: There are countless amounts of webpages online packed with content explaining each step of how you can grow your own marijuana. Many websites that sell grow products are often publishing well-detailed information on every step that is needed to grow marijuana. The more people they get into growing marijuana, the more products they sell, so it is in their interest to make sure you grow pot successfully.

Growers often go online to discuss what works and what doesn’t work for them. If you have any issues growing weed, the chances are people have written about the same problems online, often publishing solutions on websites.

Supplements: Don’t go Overboard

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Although quality supplements are necessary, try not to go over the top by purchasing nutrients that claim they do things that are not really that important for a hobbyist grower. However, some nutrients are the one thing that will save your plants from dying, so don’t avoid not spending money on quality nutrients either.

If you are going to spend your hard-earned cash on supplements, understand exactly what it does first and that it will definitely solve the problem you have. Experimenting with different supplements can often work wonders, however, if your budget is tight, then you want to be sure the supplement that you are investing in will do the job.


The initial cost of growing marijuana can be scary, but keep in mind you can use things like the lights, tents, pots, etc. over and over again. You can also clone plants from your first grow to help you save money on seeds in the future.

If you use a lot of marijuana, growing your own in the long term will make sense. Plus, growing cannabis can be great fun and you will learn a lot.

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