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Is HiLux Good For Off Road in 2024


The Toyota Hilux has been around the block for such a long time and has therefore gained much reputation, especially because of the reliability it offers to its users. Over 18 million versions of the Toyota Hilux have been produced since 1968 when it was first launched. The latest model of this vehicle has even come with much more improvements and refinements that makes it more appealing than ever before.

It is also important to note that the Toyota Hilux is quite capable of off-road maneuvers because of the improvements that have been put in place. The Toyota Hilux has also started becoming a great alternative to the large SUVs, as more and more people prefer it. This has led to the manufacturers broadening the appeal of this vehicle even more.

Latest Improvement of the Toyota Hilux

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The latest version of the Toyota Hilux that is currently on the market is the Toyota Hilux Rogue. This new version comes with a brand new look that is much more appealing even in appearance. It ensures better protection because the rear bumper that is much bigger and also has a roll bar that is fitted in the bar to enable it to carry more load.

Also, this new version comes with wheels that are 18 inches, and are much more convenient for driving off-road. Its body is also made of steel, which adds better protection to the body, mostly because steel is quite strong enough to be able to handle impacts that are hard.

The design of the wheels has also been improved greatly in this latest model, hence ensuring that the angle of approach is better than before, especially around the wheels. This vehicle is also made in such a way that it provides the necessary stacks of protection, around the cooling areas of the car and the steering as well.

There are also some sliders that are quite an improvement in the design; come with a wedge shape and is mounted onto the chassis. These are way better than the typical off-road side steps, both in terms of offering maximum protection and clearance.

Additional features of the new model of the Toyota Hilux that makes it better for off-road maneuvers

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The new model of the Toyota Hilux comes with a rear step that comes with an alloy made from either carbon or alloy. This gives the vehicle more advanced protection and is installed with a step and towbar.

Also, there is an inclusion of recovery points that are off-road and are located at the rear and front positions. These two are quite essential, as they help in making recoveries which are mostly associated with off-road movements. They especially help in handling the high dynamic loads that are common with off-roads.

It is highly advised that before tackling off-road terrain, safety options for the rear and front recovery systems should be looked into very keenly. This is all taken care of in the latest version of the Toyota Hilux system.

Because of this, recoveries are possible in a much safer way.

Engine System

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The engine for the new version of the Toyota Hilux is fitted with a capacity of the 2.8-liter system. This enables the vehicle to make 130kW at 3400rpm and up to 450Nm at about 1600 to 2400rpm. This is when it is connected to a gearbox of automatic transmission. In a manual transmission system, the number changes to 1400 to 2600rpm for 420Nm.

The engine comes with extra accessories that weigh up to an additional 270kg. This engine is best when not being overly worked. This is because it works best while working on low revolutions and little throttle.

With regards to off-road gearing systems, the Toyota Hilux has always been quite perfect. This is especially with the automatic variant system where the engine system operates exceptionally well. Irrespective of the fact that the engine ratios of the gears are not so different, the ratios are not actually quite the same between the manual and automatic transmission systems.

Traction control system

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The off-track traction control system of the latest model of the Toyota Hilux vehicle is quite excellent. This, therefore, enables the wheel spin to be controlled perfectly well, even at high speeds that are variant. This in turn makes it quite easy for the momentum to be managed easily while off-road.

Also, there is a differential locking rear, which disables the traction control, while in motion. This happens such that when the rear is fully locked at one hundred percent, then the front is able to shift from being well controlled, to be totally opened. The latter happens in one forward step, and two steps backward. This, therefore, makes the system of the traction control to be so perfect, such that the rear locker is without any important use.

The springs of the vehicle also operate in the same manner. This happens such that the front spring rate is often increased, in a bid to help accommodate the extra weight system. This however does not really change the manner in which this vehicle is able to operate off-road and on road. Of importance to note is that the rear springs tend to get more stabilized from the extra weight, hence making them operate perfectly well while navigating off-road.

The traction clearance of the new version of the Toyota Hilux, therefore, makes it much easier to be able to navigate through challenging off-road terrains better. This is because the clearance has been much improved.

Hill descending control

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The hill descent control is yet another feature that has been brought into modern technology for off-road maneuvers. The latest model of the Toyota Hilux comes with this feature, which is located at the central part of the dash, in front of the gear selector. This control system operates with a very gentle activation and is quieter in comparison to the old ones. It makes it easier for the vehicle to easily tackle off-road terrains while descending downwards. More of the Hilux review is available at the Car Expert.

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