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Hundred Anime Season 2 – Review and Release Date 2024

An interesting storyline with suspenseful scenes and great action. Hundred was loved by all watchers and people gave it a good review as well. The first season won several hearts and today fans are waiting for season two. If you are one of the fans and want to know more about season two, read till the end.

A Peek Into The Storyline

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The story starts with several wild savages attacking Earth and all humans that reside on this planet. Savages are creatures that are not known and are extremely dangerous. To defeat them there is only one solution, finding the weapon called hundred and using it to kill the creatures. Hundred is the kind of weapon which has the special ability to reform itself into several different weapons. The lead character of the story survived the attacks and has the potential to acquire a mighty weapon. Therefore that boy is called to train with military people in an academy. The first time he enters the academy the Queen challenges him to battle as she wants to see his abilities and check if he has the power to fight.

The series revolves around that fearless survivor and the savage creature. Season one ended on a quite weird note and that’s the reason why all fans are expecting season two to be released so that several unanswered questions can be resolved.

Casting Choices We Can Except

The main role is of the character Hayato Kisaragi, he is the protagonist of the anime and is known to have the highest compatibility with the weapon called hundred. The military believes that he is the one who will defeat the wild creatures. The other main character in the series is Emile, she is known to be straightforward. She tends to say whatever comes to her mind. In the initial episodes, she was Hayato’s friend and later became her roommate. Last but not the least, Claire Harvey is also one of the lead characters in the anime. She is known to be super strong. Her fighting skills are remarkable, that is the reason why people tend to call her the Queen.

It is expected that these 3 characters will remain the same in season two. Usually, in anime, the characters remain the same throughout all seasons. Sometimes new characters are introduced but the lead is never replaced.

When Can We Expect The Release

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It is not confirmed by the creators whether they are going to work more on this series. Currently, creators are focusing more on other anime. Nevertheless, it is expected that by the end of the year 2024 the series will be released. Even though fans are hoping for it to come early. Because of the pressure on the creators, there are chances of that happening.

Summing It Up

Hundred, a super fascinating series. The storyline might seem basic to you but the creators added a special touch to it, the ability of the weapon amused several people and made the whole plot extremely unique.

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