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5 Tips to Help Your Outdoor Furniture Last Forever

Surely you know a lot of people, and it is possible that you are among them, who would never agree to live in an apartment, but a house is the only option for them. The reasons are different, but the main reason is always the yard. The yard allows us to have our own oasis even though we live in the city, where we can plant flowers, relax, workout, make a barbecue with friends, and much more. And the main part of the yard is the patio, deck, porch, verandah, or whatever you have. It’s actually another living room you use during spring, summer, and fall. And that’s where you most like to spend your time.

Since it’s an outdoor living room, you have invested significant time and money to furnish as best you can. You bought different pieces of furniture to make spending time there very comfortable, and you also paid attention to aesthetics. Of course, you knew that you had to buy a special type of furniture that was intended for outdoor use. Precisely because it is intended for outdoor use it is very durable and with proper maintenance, it can last you for decades. So we will give you tips to help your outdoor furniture last forever.

1. Find out about the materials before you buy

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We know we said we would give you tips to help your outdoor furniture last forever, but this is exactly the first tip because you may be in the process of furnishing now. And you will definitely be buying some new things, even if you already have some. Perhaps the biggest influence on how long things will last for you is exactly what material they are made of. It is ideal to choose weatherproof materials that will not be damaged even if you leave them outside all winter. These are primarily synthetic materials that look the same as wicker or wood. Also, metal, aluminum, and plastic are weatherproof, although you must be careful to prevent rust on the metal and the like. There are also natural materials, such as teak, that are very durable. If you really want to have furniture made of some wood that is not teak, it is certainly possible, but you have to maintain it regularly, which means first of all that you coat it with oil that will protect it and the like. Also, the wicker is very sensitive and must be removed from the porch during winter. Anyway, our advice to you is to choose synthetic materials because they look almost identical to real wood or wicker, they are weatherproof, and also in this way you prevent the destruction of forests.

2. Clean regularly

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How and how often you clean depends on the material. If it is some of the weatherproof materials we mentioned, you will have very little to do, because all you need to do is wipe with a damp cloth. This removes stains from rain, dust, sand, and other things. If other materials are involved, then you will need oil cleaners as well as special sprays. It is important that you do all this regularly, so as not to cause damage. We have another tip for you. If you have a pool, then you need to clean the furniture even more often, because the chlorine evaporates. In specialty stores like RemarkableFurniture you will find care accessories, so look no further. Usually, care accessories bought in such stores are of better quality than those bought in a supermarket.

3. Covers are so important

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If you live in places where the winters are not too cold, you can leave everything outside which is much more convenient than moving everything in the garage, just to return it there a few months later. But you must have adequate covers. People make the mistake of covering with old sheets or similar things that don’t really provide any protection. You need to buy covers that are made for this purpose and are waterproof, provide UV ray protection, and everything else needed to make the furniture properly protected. So avoid buying cheap covers, you will regret it later. Go and buy high-quality covers. Another feature that all high-quality covers must-have is that although they cover everything, they do not stop the flow of air. If there is no airflow, mildew and mold will appear.

4. Everything from the fabric must be removed

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All pillows, mattresses, hammocks, cushions, and everything else made of the fabric must be stored in a dry place before winter begins. These are also fabrics that are durable and are designed for outdoor use but are not able to “survive” months of moisture and cold. Then it is the ideal time to clean them and prepare them for next summer. Don’t forget the upholstered furniture, to remove all parts that are made of fabrics and can be removed. It is not just about pillows and cushions, it is also about the furniture itself. If you leave it wet all winter, that will damage furniture too, not just fabrics.

5. Furniture sunscreen

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Have you ever heard of furniture sunscreen? Winter, cold weather, rain, and snow are not the only dangers for our outdoor furniture. Summer and the scorching sun can also cause damage and that is why we should use special sunscreen. Just as we use sunscreen to protect our skin, so should we protect the wood and other materials. The color pigment works similarly to sunscreen, so if you are almost dyed, then sunscreen is not necessary. However, if a couple of years have passed since the painting, and you still do not plan to paint again, because it has not faded, then apply sunscreen with a brush and you will not have to constantly move the furniture in the shade.


If you follow all our tips, we guarantee that you will be able to enjoy your outdoor furniture for a very long time. If, on the other hand, you are careless and think that nothing will happen, in the spring you will see a rotten wood waiting for you, instead of what you left there last fall. Remember to also maintain the deck in the right way, so that it remains strong and can withstand all the weight you put on it.

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