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Ways to Deal With Workplace Stress and Still Keep Fit and Young

Staying fit, healthy, and youthful can be a tough task in today’s stressful world. But a few adjustments to your daily routine can help give you a much-needed balance and make life easier.

Stress has become a common feature of modern living, regardless of age or circumstances. This is mostly as a result of globalization, which has made the world and every aspect of it competitive. A 13-year old experiences stress preparing for a school examination, just as a 70-year-old goes through the same emotions before undergoing surgery.

If prolonged or becomes regular, stress can have serious adverse effects on the physical and mental well being of an individual. Research shows people who are too stressed have changed levels of cortisol, a steroid hormone.

Long term stress can also lead to anxiety, cardiovascular diseases, loss of appetite, depression, and blood pressure fluctuations.

As a busy professional, the key to adequately managing stress is to organize your work and try to make the most of your off days. Here are 7 tips to follow if you’re starting to struggle with workplace stress.

Recognize Stress

Source: verywellmind.com

Don’t ignore stress and its signs when you feel it. Often, recognizing stress is the first step to properly dealing with it, just like you would with any other health problem.

If the stress is momentary, it will likely wear off after a couple of off days or over a work-free weekend. However, accumulated stress requires more attention and care. If your interest in work is starting to wane or going to work is becoming a chore, consider talking to your colleagues, boss, or a counselor about your condition.

Remember that prolonged exposure to stress can make you depressed as well as trigger other ailments. So if you suspect you might be having some stress symptoms, recognize it is the first step towards treating it.

Stay Organised

Source: wellsteps.com

Workplace stress is often a natural outcome of excess work. While it’s inevitable you’ll have some hectic workdays, you’ll do yourself a world of good learning proper management and organization to relieve yourself of some of the stress from heavy workloads. A good tip to create a work timetable every morning and schedule your tasks for the day properly.

Allocate time for work breaks and split the timetable according to the order of importance. This will help you to stay organized and plan the day ahead, rather than trying to get so many things done at once and not being able to finish any of them in the end.

Eat Mindfully

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Many people rely on snacks and fast foods to get through stressful times. But that salty-sweet smack of crisps you crunch and inhale to beat a looming deadline is bad for you in the long run.

Instead, complex carbs like wholegrain and porridge will give you the nutrient and energy to handle the rigors of the day. Taking at least a 10-minute break away from your desk to eat lunch will minimize your stress levels and keep you off unhealthy snacking.

You can also try beef jerky for your snack. There are different flavors of beef jerky which is a good source of protein available at Manly Man Co.

Exercise Helps

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Many people think keeping fit is an all-or-nothing thing. Just before a holiday, they exercise hard at the gym every day; but all that enthusiasm and commitment flies out the window when life gets in the way.

That’s not the right approach. If a gym is expensive for you or you simply can’t make out time to go to one, there are a lot of other free workouts you can do at home and within a few minutes.

Just make sure you focus on your goal when exercising. Don’t think of giving yourself time to train as a treat. Instead, consider it as an important routine for keeping healthy.

Get Adequate Sleep

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Your sleep cycle is one of the first things that suffers when you’re stressed. But working late into the night to finish a long to-do list is counterproductive. Getting adequate sleep when you’re feeling stressed will help you manage the situation.

Your doctor might prescribe sleeping pills for you as a short-term solution for acute stress, but you can’t rely on it in the long term (longer than two weeks). You might end up on a slippery slope. Instead, deal with the underlying cause of your sleeplessness.

Pamper Yourself Daily

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Stress can take a toll on your physical appearance. It can cause you to grow gray and white hair prematurely. It can make you develop wrinkles or make your head, face, neck, and other parts of your body pop up with pimples, acne, whiteheads, and blackheads.

Often, it will make your skin less elastic, so it looks rough and dull. If you’re not able to properly manage stress, it will continue to have a telling effect on your skin, making it look older than it should be.

That your job is stressful is not a reason for you to skimp on your beauty routines. You can still be your fit, healthy, and youthful self in spite of a stressful job. Give enough time to pamper yourself, regardless of how stressed you get. Options like https://okana.co.nz/products/natural-foaming-cleanser, for example, are great to regularly keep your skin soft and radiantly replenished.

Make sure to maintain your morning and evening beauty routines and always take a long shower at the end of the day. Pampering your body this way will work a lot of magic on your skin and mind.

On a Final Note, Constantly Remind Yourself Your Job Does Not Define You

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The society we live in today glorifies overwork, expecting you to devote so much time to your daily hustle and possibly with a side hustle to boot. But do you sometimes pause to ask yourself what you really care about?

Your life shouldn’t be defined by work. So, strip your workload to the most essentials and focus on them only. Taking on excess workload is one of the biggest underlying causes of stress. Many of the things you do to try to impress your boss or colleagues or to appear hardworking and professional are basically pointless.

Remember you don’t have to be engaged with serious work every hour, otherwise, you risk burnout sooner or later. It’s okay to just do nothing at all sometimes. Don’t be caught in a vortex of permanent task engagements. There are other important things in life that are worth your time, passion, and concentration.

Letting your job shape your entire life won’t do any good to you or your work eventually. You may just end up hating your job and your life.

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