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Best Songs About Betrayals!

Have you ever been betrayed in your life? We bet that it’s the feeling you experienced and that it wasn’t a very good one. But, after some time passes, after licking your wounds for a while, you are over it and you are ready to move on. If you need a song for crying after a betrayal, or if you want to release some of that anger that you have kept inside, these are the songs that you can turn to.

These are our choices for the best songs about betrayals. You have heard about them, we are sure of it.

You give love a bad name – Bon Jovi

This is one of the most popular songs by Bon Jovi. It tells a story about a woman that looked perfect but ended up being troublesome, to say the least. „Shot through the heart and you’re to blame, “ tells us a lot about how he is feeling in this song.

It’s pretty energetic, so this might be the one that you listen after you already got over the person that has betrayed you. A great piece of music by Bon Jovi that has been available to us for years now.

Cry me a river – Justin Timberlake

Another classic that you have heard. This is actually maybe one of the most popular songs about betrayals and breakups since it is based on a true story.

Justin and Britney Spears have been dating, with the relationship ending after Justing got cheated on. So, after that, he poured out his feelings in this classic that is still quite popular even today.

Cold shoulder – Adele

Now, this one is a lot different than the other songs here – it’s about Adele being envious of the woman that has stolen her man. Even though she gets a cold shoulder from him, she does nothing about it as she is deep in love with him.

Even though he is not hers anymore, she still loves him and wishes that she is that other woman that he has his eye on. Quite a sad song, but one of the best.

Grenade – Bruno Mars

One of his best songs for sure and one of the most popular that he has ever released. Bruno is willing to risk his body for the person that he loves, but he gets nothing in return.

She always takes everything but is unwilling to give out anything. He gave you everything that he’s got and only wants to be loved, but in the end, she wasn’t willing to do it even though he would even „catch a grenade“ for her.

Take a bow – Rihanna

It’s one of her biggest hits. First, she is waiting for her lover to apologize for cheating. Then, she doesn’t even want to forgive him as she knows that he is only sorry that he got caught, not that he did it. Rihanna sings about his acting skills and looks like she is ready to move on. It was all a show – it was very entertaining, but „it’s over now, go on and take a bow.“

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