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Best black anime characters: Who are the most popular dark-skinned anime characters?

The anime shows have evolved a lot over the years, and they started to show much more diversity in their cast with darker skin characters, and various hair textures like dreadlocks, braids, afros, and curls that black people wear. Some of them are even center figures in their respective series, and they are doing an awesome job at expanding the fan base to black kids, teens, and adults all over the world. Below, we will go over the best black anime characters.

Afro Samurai

Img Source: polygon.com

In the Afro Samurai movie and 5 episode miniseries, he is the often character who comes to mind when black anime heroes are in question. He is voiced by the legendary actor Samuel L Jackson, and the story follows him on his journey of revenge against those who wronged him. They should fear his sword.


Kofi only makes a small appearance in the popular Cowboy Bebop series, but she is still worth a mention mentioned. She is a tall dark-skinned black woman with an awesome afro haircut, and she appears for the first time in the 17th episode of the show.

Bob Makihara

Bob from Tenjhe Tenge is a tall guy who wears dreads, who is eerily similar to the late musician Bob Marley if he were an anime character that is. Bob is a member of the Juken Club and a regular badass, who often doubts his training and capabilities even though he manages just fine. Some characters simply want to always become better.

Huey and Riley Freeman

Img Source: deviantart.com

Boondocks is a very popular show thanks to the iconic characters. Huey is famous for his looks and quirky comebacks, as well as an occasional surprise martial arts move. He is the complete opposite of his brother Riley who is famous for provoking others first. No matter these differences, the two always watch out for each other.

Kuzan aka Aokiji

Img Source: youtube.com

In the long-running One Piece anime, Kuzan aka Aokiji is a member of the Blackbeard Pirates squad, and one of the most laid back characters in the whole show. Thanks to his charm and calm demeanor, people overlook his many skills and abilities.


Img Source: pinterest.com

Another popular anime, Hunter X Hunter, introduces us to the character Canary, who is famous for being a servant at the Zoldyck mansion. Her first appearance is while she is guarding the house, after which she beats up Gon when he tries to cross a line on the ground. She is highly skilled with her trusty staff.

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