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Anime Recommendations – The Best Wrestling Anime

Anime is a popular type of cartoons made in Japan. It’s recognizable by the special Japanese animation style. Anime shows are popular all over the world because of the fantastical themes they cover, beautiful graphics, and various characters in them. The first anime release dates from 1917, and they just kept coming ever since. Today anime is popular among people of different ages and professions.

The reason behind it is the diversity of interesting stories and relatable characters. There are lots of different genres of anime. Just like in the film industry there are comedies, romantic, action, SiFi, sport, horror, and other genres. Most popular is definitely action or fighting anime. The story in these often follows the main character in his everyday struggles and covers different parts of his life.

Today we are going to talk about wrestling animes. They are a big part of the anime universe and are extremely popular. These most often contain epic characters that are usually training and competing in tournaments. Mostly, the main character is presented as an underdog who struggles to get to the top and who eventually manages to win against the odds.


Img Source: themoviedb.org

The story in this anime is about a guy named Suguru Kinniku and his attempt to regain his title of Prince of the planet Kinniku. Although he is clumsy, he enters the wrestling tournament to prove that he is worthy of the throne. If you are a fan of good stories, you will enjoy this one as it’s hilarious and full of unpredictable turnovers.

Tiger Mask

Img Source: arcadiapod.com

Tiger Mask is maybe the most popular anime of this type. The emotional story that really moved the hearts of the audience follows the life of a kid from an orphanage. At first, the main character is presented as a villain, but after finding out that a boy from the same orphanage wanted to be just like him, he decides to move back to Japan in order to repair his bad reputation. Don’t miss to see the show which managed to inspire people to donate to orphanages all over to Japan.

Wanna Be the Strongest in the World

This is one of the few animes that focus on women. All characters in this show are female, which makes it stand out in the sea of animes. The main character, Elena Miyazawa, decides to become the pro wrestler after being attacked by an evil wrestler during a TV recording. Join our hero on her inspiring and emotional attempt to become the best wrestler.

Ultimate Muscle

Img Source: imdb.com

This one is the sequel of the previously reviewed show Kinnikuman. The story follows Suguru Kinniku’s son, Mantaro on his journey to prove that he is worthy of his father’s name. This show contains both funny and dark moments, so make sure to watch it.

The Fist of the North Star

Img Source: pinterest.com

The plot of this anime is set in a post-apocalyptic world, after a nuclear war. It follows the main character, named Kenshiro, who uses his material art skills to fight against violent and bad guys and protect the weak and innocent.

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