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Women’s Harness – Tips For Your New Images

Beauty and attention is what every woman wants to achieve. It is her nature to strive for perfection. But at the same time, female nature is very changeable and we are in search of changing something for the sake of perfection and beauty – our appearance, styles, images, figure, dye our hair, lose weight and get fat, and do many more things we need to improve ourselves.

Accessories have been helping us in this since ancient times and now they are an integral part not only of going out, but also of everyday look and style. These details of clothing for women not only help to attract attention and emphasize their femininity and sexuality, but also give them the opportunity to experiment with their appearance and change it in different ways. After all, the same clothes in combination with different accessories can look completely different. And your feelings will also be different.

The main thing is to know which accessories to choose to achieve this effect.

This will be discussed in the article.

Leather harness – accessory with “zest”

Source: raveland.com

Among the incredible variety of accessories, we advise you to pay attention to women’s leather harnesses. Until now, fashion experts and fashionistas are arguing about whether women’s harness is independent clothing or just an addition to your style.

We believe that in this matter, everyone determines for himself what to call this element of clothing, and most importantly, how you personally feel in it and what sensations you get when wearing it. And there are a lot of options, obsessharness.com will help you choose for every taste.

Harness for women – detail of your style is a product made of leather straps that are connected with fittings in the form of rings, buckles, rivets, chains, etc.

Leather harness women can be simple or complex weaving, designed for the whole body or a specific part (waist, hips, legs), strict or sexy. It is worn both over clothes and on a naked body, sometimes on underwear. It all depends on your imagination, the occasion on which you want to wear this accessory and the impression you make.

The highlight and uniqueness of a woman’s leather harness is that it can make you look elegant, strict, vice versa, relaxed and sexy.

There are as many options as drops in the ocean. We will tell you about the most popular of them.

The best leather harnesses combinations

A leather harness harmoniously looks with different images and styles of clothing, however, according to fashionistas, we described the most popular combinations in the article.

1. Urban everyday look

Source: shope.off75.tk

A classic plain weave harness or X-shaped harness over loose-fitting shirt with jeans or trousers is a win-win option. Looks impressive and looks stylish, attracts attention. At the same time, you do not need to select other accessories to match your image, the color of your shoes or handbag. The belt itself is an addition and a highlight.

2. Elegant

A belt made of thin straps, which are a pattern in the form of lace or cobwebs, decorated with small buckles or thin chains, looks restrained and at the same time feminine. As a rule, it is combined with a plain dress with a straight cut, a sundress, a blouse and a pencil skirt. In this case, the fabric should be plain without additional elements in the form of appliqués, embroidery or rhinestones.

3. Daring

Source: lizbreygel.com

Belt over a top with shorts or a T-shirt and leggings, a short flared skirt, complemented by hip garters or wide belts, a corset looks bold and bright. However, this style is not suitable for all girls, it is popular among punk, rock, gothic cultures. The image resembles a fairy-tale fairy or a princess, while in choosing a harness it is better to give preference to models made of smooth patent leather and thin straps decorated with miniature buckles or beads.

4. Gentle

Made from thin straps in soft Napa leather or patent leather with miniature buckles, it will look very elegant over a blouse or sundress. Also, a leg harness can add tenderness to your image – a kind of elven shoe, which is an intertwining straps around the lower leg.

5. Erotic and seductive

Source: etsy.com

A belt of this nature involves wearing it on a naked body or clothes with the most bare parts of the body – full body harness, a choker with a leash, garters and leather underwear – the invariable fetish attributes of a femme fatale.

If you decide to stay in this role, then you have a wide field for action – bondage bunny, thigh garter, leather caged bra, leather lingerie, lingerie bondage, choker for women, crotchless panties. All these accessories are perfectly combined in the erotic image of a seductress. Look catchy and frank.

The nature of a woman is changeable and impermanent. Therefore, you can change image to suit your mood – today you are a goddess, and tomorrow you are quiet, or maybe a femme fatale? It is up to you to decide who you are today, and a leather harness will help you with this. The main thing is to choose the right color, size and store where to buy.

Harness – where to buy?

Today, there are many stores on the Internet, well-known and not too popular brands, so you get confused. At first glance, all leather belts are similar and it seems that what is exclusive in straps and buckles? In fact, the choice should be approached carefully. Here is what you should look when you are choosing online shop:

  1. The quality of the material (only genuine Italian premium leather – belt vegetable tanned, lacquered, nappa);
  2. The quality of dyes – all dyes are used on a water basis – they have good colors palette, safe for skin, do not fade;
  3. Unique designs – you will find an option for every taste and color, sizes;
  4. Worldwide delivery and ability to order according to individual parameters, no extra charge.

Leather belt is not an ordinary accessory, but a necessity for every woman to be stylish, beautiful and sexy. Add it to your style.

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