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Why CBG Cost More than CBD

CBD gained massive popularity as a non-psychoactive hemp extract. It brought enormous benefits for the people. But now there is something more interesting in the market; the CBG that is Cannabigerol. They are called the “Mother” and “Stem cell” of all the cannabinoids. So you can realize the importance they have and the benefits they bring.

With the rising popularity, CBG is becoming a strong rival to CBD. The only drawback of Cannabigerol is that it is much more expensive than the Cannabinoids. Despite that, the popularity is also increasing and that resulted in the increased demand for these products. The reason is that they have excellent therapeutic benefits, so even it is expensive, people are using them.

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Working of CBG

Source: softsecrets.com

The working of CBG is not that complex. It works with the chemical receptors of the endocannabinoid system (ECS) of the body. The endocannabinoid system of our body has different chemical receptors. The two common ones that can be found in almost every part of the body are the CB1 and CB2. Cannabigerol works on these chemical receptors and treats different ailments. CB1 chemical receptors are known to work for the nervous system and brain. At the same time, the CB2 chemical receptors work for the immune system of the human body.

Thus, the Cannabigerols works on both of the chemical receptors and increases the natural immunity against diseases. As a result of this, your body can deal with the external enemies all by itself. Furthermore, it also deals with mental issues and reduces stress.

Through handling the receptors of the body, CBG regulates different functions. It reduces pain and improves appetite. In addition to this, it also works on dealing with hormonal imbalance, blood pressure, and inflammation.

Benefits of Cannabigerol

Source: medicalmarijuanainc.com

The CBG is an FDA approved pharmaceutical drug and has fantastic benefits for people. Some of the common ones include,

  • It helps to get rid of emotional ailments and mental stress.
  • CBG treats seizures and prevents further attacks.
  • It also treats epilepsy in children.
  • You can also treat several different physical conditions with this hemp extract.
  • It eases the symptoms of obsessive compulsory disorder (OCD) and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).
  • Including mental stress, CBG also treats depression and anxiety.
  • It has anti-inflammatory properties and thus gets rid of body inflammations.
  • It also treats bladder problems.
  • CBG has anti-bacterial and anti-cancerous properties.
  • It doesn’t make you high because of the removal of THC content.

Reasons behind the high cost of CBG

No doubt that the CBG products are more expensive than the CBD ones. If a common man wants to buy it, he will have to think twice that it is worth these benefits? But there are specific reasons for that. It is not like that because of the enormous benefits, the producers have increased the cost. It is not any such conspiracy. The cost is because of solid reasons. Here are the complete details behind the causes of the price tag of CBG products.

1. Less production

Source: flowerchildcbd.com

The primary reason behind the high rate of Cannabigerol is that its production quantity is less. With the maturity of hemp flowers, Cannabigerol gets converted into phytocannabinoids. Thus, only the mature hemp flower will provide you with this fantastic product. But the problem is that you can get only one percent of CBG from a fully grown flower.

On the other hand, CBD content from the flower is 25 percent. Therefore, the content of CBD and CBG obtained from the plants is different and that changes their rates too. To say it precisely, if you need to make the equal amount of CBG as CBD, you will need twenty times more mature hemp flowers.

2. Equipment cost

Source: lamota.org

The equipment used for the extraction of Cannabigerol is quite expensive. Therefore, the labor and equipment cost combines to increase the price tag further. If you need to extract the product efficiently, you need to use the right equipment. Otherwise, the obtained extract will be less pure and most of it will become waste during the extraction process. So if you don’t want the precious product to get wasted, you need the best equipment. And every best thing needs to be paid for.

Extraction of CBG

The extraction of CBG occurs through the process of chromatography. Therefore, superfluid liquid solvents include ethanol and CO2, in the extraction process, are used. These liquid solvents are volatile and that is why they need to be treated carefully. Hemp gets dissolved in the solvent and the extracts become part of it. Afterward, the solvent is evaporated to get the final product.

Thus, in addition to the cost of the equipment, the cost of process and solvents also increases the overall cost of the product. As the solvent is evaporated completely, the new solvent is required every time. Therefore, this also adds to the price.

3. Increased demand

Source: cannabisaficionado.com

As the therapeutic benefits related to CBG are enormous, the demand also increases. The phenomenon of demand and supply also shows that with the increased demand, the rate of products also increases.

Different CBG products

Similar to CBD products, CBG products are available in several forms.

  • It is found in dried flower form to be used for smoking.
  • You can also find the oil form for vape or use in wax.
  • It is also provided in tincture form so that you can ingest it sublingually.

If you are thinking of smoking, you need to work on the temperature because its boiling point is low. So it is better to use a particular vaporizer with less temperature so that you preserve the potency of the product.

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