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9 Pros and Cons of Wearing Permanent Dentures

There are many reasons to pay attention to your dental hygiene. When it comes to the condition of the teeth, most people would think about their appearance, and that indeed can be very important since having bad front teeth could affect confidence. Besides that, there are some much more serious reasons to take proper care of your dental hygiene. For instance, if you avoid visiting your dentist regularly, there is a chance of some serious issues like swelling, tooth loss, gingivitis, and many other problems. Also, we have to mention that it can affect the overall health since having infections in your mouth could cause various diseases like cancer, cardiovascular issues, diabetes, and more. In that matter, itis essential to educate your kids about the importance of dental hygiene from a young age.

In case that you are suffering from tooth decay or you already have a missing tooth, the best solution is to get permanent dentures. This installment represents an alternative for missing teeth, and the main advantage is that you can retain your beautiful smile and confidence. You can click here to learn more about dentures and the process of installing them. Moreover, we are going to introduce you to some of the most important benefits and potential downsides of permanent dentures.


1. Improved Appearance

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The main reason why people choose this option is to retain their smile, which can be an issue if they are missing some of the front teeth. Not dealing with this issue on time could lead to serious mental issues like depression and anxiety caused by decreased self-esteem. Also, this method is much better than some other options. Since permanent dentures look the same as natural teeth, there is no chance for anyone to notice that you are wearing them in the first place.

2. It Can Help People with Serious Problems

It will require some time, but this option is one of the best for people who are suffering from various conditions related to dental health, such as the bad position of the jaw, missing tooth, and other issues. Other methods will require healthy teeth to be performed, like implants. Also, they are much more expensive. Moreover, it is a great way to fix the position of your gums and get stronger teeth.

3. Simple Maintenance

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A lot of people, especially older generations find this method as most convenient since it is quite simple to keep your mouth and dentures clean all the time. You can clean them inside your mouth, to take them away and keep them in water during the night. Also, only a simple rinse with mouth wash is enough to remove the bacteria and parts of the food.

4. Basic Procedure

The implementation of implants and many other techniques requires complicated operations that could last for hours, and you will have to pay attention to many factors in days after you perform any of these methods. On the other side, you can finish the whole process of getting permanent dentures in only one day, and you won’t feel any side-effects of wearing them right after the procedure.

5. Wide Selection of Dentures

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This is an important benefit since it can help people with different sizes of jaws. For example, you can choose overdenture which is the most affordable option and require fewer implants. Also, it is a great way to improve the appearance of your gums. On the other side, the hybrid restoration is even better when it comes to appearance. Also, there are even better options like custom porcelain dentures and contour Zirconia.


1. It Can Lose Quality Over Time


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The main disadvantage of permanent dentures, when compared to other options, is that they might lose their quality over time and affect your appearance. That is the main reason why you should take proper care of them. Considering how complicated and expensive other types of dental care are, it is still a much better option.

2. Process of Getting These Dentures

Even though it represents a less complicated procedure, a lot of people find it unpleasant in the period when you have to create a mold of your gums and remove all of the teeth that are not healthy. Also, they require more implants than those dentures that you can remove easily.

3. Chance for Irritation

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As we already mentioned, it is essential to take proper care of your dental hygiene to avoid various issues. The same is when you are wearing permanent dentures as well. In case that you avoid proper care of your teeth and mouth, dentures could cause irritation and inflammation. If this happens to you, be sure to visit your dentist on the same day since it could cause some even more serious health issues.

4. It is Expensive

A lot of people might choose some other option like getting tooth implants since it is a more affordable solution. However, you should focus on the benefits that you can get. Therefore, even if this method is more expensive, it will provide you with improved health of your gums and teeth.

The Bottom Line

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When we compare this option with the most popular alternatives like implants and bridges, it offers you simple maintenance and a process that will last much shorter since it only represents a basic operation. With the right selection of permanent dentures, you can be sure that they will last for a long time. The average lifespan is between five and ten years. Also, it is simple to clean them. Moreover, this is the most comfortable solution.

Another benefit is that a dentist can create a unique design for any size and model of the mouth. This is especially good for older people who already have weakened gums and a lot of missing teeth. It is not a rare case that these people have to avoid some types of food since they are not able to chew it. By getting these dentures, you can again enjoy your favorite dishes without the risk of damaging your teeth.

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