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How Often Do Dental Veneers Need to Be Replaced – 2024 Guide

Having a perfect smile is what everyone wants. But, we’re not all that lucky to have it since birth. The majority of us is dissatisfied with our teeth. Luckily, the dental medicine has improved so much that even the worst of dental issues can be solved. One of the best ways to resolve the lack of ideal smile is to implement the veneers. Have you heard of this method of dental aesthetics? You probably have, as today it is quite common to see people wearing veneers.

This is something that people all over the world do to resolve issues they have with their imperfect teeth. You probably saw it on celebrities such as Miley Cyrus, Tom Cruise, or Cardi B. Luckily for the rest of us this is not a method of getting a perfect smile intended only for the rich and famous. No, today this method is available to both you and me. The chances might be that you already underwent the procedure some years ago and now are here to receive an answer to a different question. When you first put veneers on you feel like they’ll last forever. But, is that the case?

While they can last for eternity in some cases, there’s a slim chance that your veneers need to be replaced. So, what you need to know are the signs to follow to determine if this is the case. People often ask us how often do dental veneers need to be replaced. In this article we are going to try and give you a sort of a 2024 guide on the subject. In essence they should last anywhere between ten and thirty years. But, as there’s no set timeline nor a guarantee, it’s better to look at each individual case separately. Below you will have listed some of the most obvious signs that your veneers need replacement. See what they are.

They’re Getting Darker

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This is the first sign of decline. In most cases, veneers are hard tied to your teeth. This is done by using a form of cement created for dental purposes. Thanks to this material they can remain in pale for years regardless of conditions you keep your mouth in. The one downside of this cement is that with time it will start changing color. It will become darker just like Frodo did on his travels in LOTR. While you know that this cement is under your veneers it will find its way to the surface and your veneers will become darker too. This process can’t be reversed. The only solution is to have the cement replaced with new one, which is a lengthy process, but it’s a sign that your veneers need replacement. Read more about it, and find the answer to question are putting veneers on hurts.

Pulled-Back Gums

Let’s talk about unpleasant sensations. This is it! When it comes to our teeth and veneers this is a clear sign that they need a replacement. Also, it’s uncomfortable as hell. Veneers are great but you’re expected to take good if not excellent care of your teeth after you put them on. Oral hygiene remains important even when you coat your teeth this way. If your hygiene lacks in this department you will be prone to the various forms of gum diseases. When this happens your gum will pull back and get separated from your veneers. When this happens you need to know that the need to replace your veneers is urgent. If you do not react quickly there’s a chance that your natural teeth and veneers could both start falling out after getting loose due to the gums being pulled back.

Chips and Cracks

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Let’s talk about the obvious now. If you notice chips and cracks on your veneers there’s not much you can do. This means they have been worn out and are in need of replacement. For a while you can live with smaller cracks and a few chips here and there. But you need to know that with time they are going to deteriorate. Veneers are usually made out of porcelain. This material is durable. It looks nice, and it is quite suitable for purpose of being a protection for your teeth and being a par to of your beautiful smile. But, it is not indestructible. In most cases it will be destroyed if you chew on a food that’s too hard, or you do a crazy stunt like opening a beer with your teeth. If damaged from crack and chips is severe you’ll feel an urgent need to replace them as it can affect your ability to chew, eat, and eve talk properly.

Roughness Around The Edges

As we said, porcelain is hard, but it is not immune to damage. With time after years and years of chewing and biting, the edges of your veneers will start to crumble. This is a natural process. As we already mentioned, chips and cracks will also happen, and when you all combine it with roughness around the edges the replacement might be the only solution. The best way to determine if the roughness is present is to feel the edges of your veneers with your tongue. The most obvious test, but the one that will take you in the right direction.

Discomfort While Wearing

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In the end we have what might be the top reason to consider changing your dental veneers . If they start feeling uncomfortable in your mouth you don’t need to take them any longer. They often do not fit as they should and are too big, or are causing some issues with your natural teeth or gums. Whatever might be the case you need to contact your dentist professional and try to address the matter. In the worst case scenario they can fall off, or cause issues with chewing and biting. Whatever the matter might be at the first sign of discomfort you need to contact the professional in charge of installing them in the first place. So, as you can see, veneers have a long lifespan but they’re not immortal. Know when it’s time for a change by recognizing al of the signs we mentioned above.

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