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4 Ways We Are Using Reverse Psychology in Everyday Life

Psychology can be fascinating at times. When it comes to reverse psychology, things only get better. It’s thrilling how you can make someone do as you please by telling them to do the opposite. This is the goal of this method, and it is satisfactory when you pull it off. It’s no wonder something like this find application in everyday life. Marketing companies can use it for advertising, and you can use it on your spouse or a sibling. While it can have positive results, it is not something you should use without a second thought. It is often misinterpreted as manipulation, and we can say that the border between the two is somewhat thin. If you use it too often, it can be seen through and deadly for relationships regardless of their complicity.

In most cases, you should only use it when there’s nothing significant at stake. If you’re not sure are you using it the right way, check out our article on four ways to use reverse psychology in everyday life. Maybe you’ll find yourself in some of them.

At Workplace

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This application is quite common. You sued it on your colleagues, or your boss used it on you. It happens all the time. Higher-ups often use it to make their subordinates deal with issues they would typically avoid. In stressful working environments, this is sometimes the only way to handle things. If you are looking to go through the ranks and get a promotion, you can apply it to your coworkers and bosses alike. There’s no shame in it. As we already said, sometimes this is the only way to get what you want. Nobody has to be hurt in the process if you do it the right way. If you have a stubborn boss or a colleague, reverse psychology can be precisely what you need.

But, as we said, be sure not to cross the border of manipulation. If you’re not sure that it was used o you or how to use it, here’s a thought that could help you. Has your boss ever approached you, looking concerned, wondering if you could finish up a task in time, suggesting that if not, someone else could be put in charge? This is a simple example of your boss trying to motivate you to finish the task faster through a little spell from the reverse psychology book. There are more examples of it being used casually, and you can check them out on BetterHelp if our article isn’t offering you enough on the subject.

By Marketing And Sales People

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You’re getting all itchy right now, don’t you? Don’t be; nobody fooled you into buying something. It’s just how things are. Sales assistants and marketing experts dig into reverse psychology all the time, and some are quite versed in it. There’s nothing wrong with it; this discipline sells products. After all, buyers need to be convinced to buy a particular product, and if left with no other means, many will use this method. It’s legal, harmless, and to an extent, efficient. So, why not? You probably encountered the lines that go like there’s only a couple of hours left till we shut down this deal, or if you’re not the one to buy it, your neighbor will so think about it. Now that you know that this move could be puled on you, you can prepare a response. The best one is that you’ll wait out for a call offering a better deal. Yes, it can work both ways. In the end, the decision to buy something solely yours, but the same as anyone else, you can be persuaded to make a haste move when pressed by a technique like this one.

Personal Relationships

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Have you been there already? We believe you are, as most of us did. Sometimes our partners and close loved ones need that extra touch to behave the way they should. People who we love are the easiest to manipulate, so this technique shouldn’t be sued excessively. In love relationships, there are ways to push your partner towards a decision you favor by slightly nudging them in the direction you want. Suppose done the right way; it can even be regarded as cute. Beliefs, feelings, and thoughts can be channeled in the desired direction if you know how to do it. Of course, we’re not talking about doing something shady as

Sarah Michelle Gellar did in Cruel Intentions. In the end, the only thing that matters is that you have healthy relationships regardless if we’re talking about family or love.

With Teenagers and Children

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If you are a parent or have a child or a teenager in the family, you know why reverse psychology makes sense. Kids and teenagers often rebel against their parents, family members, and society alike. It comes with their age, and it is nothing to be worried off because it’s a passing stage. Anyway, what most people want to do is to bring their kid under control and have behaved normally. Reverse psychology can be a great approach to doing this. Defiance is the most pronounced trait in young adults. Parents aren’t thrilled with this, and often they need to play little games with their loved ones. The best approach to handling them the right way is to play a game of you can and can’t. Instead of telling them to do something, you are better off telling them that you don’t think they can handle a specific chore. The negative approach you are using is going to have a positive effect on them as they’ll feel challenged.

Bottom Line

As you can see, reverse psychology is used in everyday life more often than you know. It should be used in situations that merit its use, but you need to be careful. As we already mentioned, it can take a u-turn and stray into manipulation, or the person you’re using it against can react badly. It’s all about combining this technique, the right person, right time, and right circumstances.

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