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Things to Know Before You Use CBD Wax For the First Time

CBD wax is only one of the many products that are made by cold pressing and extracting the oils from the cannabis plant. It’s popular among CBD consumers, even though you can barely hear about it. But, the truth is that it doesn’t contain psychotropic and psychoactive substances, and just like the oils, you can use it for different purposes. The difference is that in a smaller dose of wax you are getting a larger portion of active substances. This form is becoming more popular for users in recent years. The purpose is pretty obvious – using less product for better results, and you can accomplish it, knowing that it’s highly concentrated.

This product is made through a few extraction processes, which are a combination of a few cycles of pressing, sometimes using other ingredients to speed up the process, like CO2 or butane, that should be then removed from the product, because they are toxic. At the same time, they create ideal conditions for better extraction, but experienced people know how to do the whole thing, without putting anyone at risk while making the wax. At CBDCrystal you can read more about the different ways of extraction, and see why these products are becoming more and more popular right now. It’s usually consumed by dabbing, which is a process of inhaling really small amounts of a vaporized drug that comes from wax or resin, but also it may have some cosmetic features. Here are a few things you have to know before you try it:

1. It’s highly concentrated in CBD

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As time goes by, we need better concentrations of some product, because of the benefits, but also for financial reasons. Buying a wax concentration can be a bigger expense initially, but you really need a small amount (in a size less than a grain of rice) for all the benefits. Also, it goes through a few phases of extraction and purification, which means it can come in a large concentration, like 5%, 10%, or even 20% of cannabidiol in one dose. Oils and CBD drops are less concentrated, and you will have to take larger quantities to accomplish the needed result. In many countries, the wax is completely legal, if the production is controlled and regulated.

2. How it’s made?

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As we mentioned above, there are two popular ways of extraction. The first one is using butane, and the second one is using CO2 for the same purpose. The harvested plant is covered with butane, to take out all the substances, and to extract and evaporate them. The product that is left is a highly concentrated CBD extract, but knowing that butane is highly toxic, the producer should once again wash off the product, to be sure there are anything toxic leaves. It must be removed because butane is highly toxic for humans. That’s why most of the producers are choosing the CO2 extraction because, at different temperatures and pressures, it can behave as gas and liquid, and the leftovers are removed by themselves after the extraction.

3. The types of cannabidiol wax

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It may come in a full-spectrum product or a CBD isolate. In the first one, there are some active substances left, and the isolate contains only CBD and non-psychotropic ingredients. Sometimes an artificial flavor may be added, because the natural product may have a too heavy smell for the consumer. Also, the wax may come in a form of budder, crumble, resin, or shatter. Budder has a consistency of butter, it’s soft and won’t crystalize that easy. The shutter is hard as a caramel candy, and it often looks like it because of the color. The CBD crumble is a little bit crumby. It’s hard enough to stay shaped, but it crumbs like cheese. Resin has a smoother consistency, but it’s highly concentrated, so it can be easy for dabbing.

4. You need additional tools so you can consume it

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It’s not enough just to have the concentrate. You have to own a tool that you will use to take the dose from the container or the package, then a heat source to melt it, and an inhalation tool. You can use household alternatives, like spoon, knife, and heat resistant straw, but if you are planning to use it longer, then it’s better to have proper tools and equipment for consumption.

5. The possible benefits

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The benefits are the same as every other CBD product. The only difference is that people need to take just a small drop of wax to feel the same effects like a spoon of oil or something like that. The positive effects are already well-known, like stress relief, managing the anxiety, using it to relieve the pains or only for recreational purposes. Just like everything else, you have to be careful and responsible when you are using products like this. If you are using prescription medicines or other supplements, you have to check if they interfere with one another, especially if the CBD products are lowering the efficiency of the drugs you take, and vice versa.

6. There can be side effects too

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This is pretty expected, but we shouldn’t forget to mention it as an option. Just like the other supplements, if you overdo it, or you don’t consume it responsibly, you can feel some side effects like nausea, bad focus, problems with speaking clearly, sleeping too much, or even making decisions that aren’t good for you. When you consume it, don’t combine it with alcohol or other drugs, and don’t drive your car, so you won’t put your life in dangerous situations. Stay at home as long as the effect lasts.

We hope that this article got the most important things covered, and it will be helpful for you to decide whether you will use CBD wax, and of course, how will you do it. Our recommendation is to behave responsibly and take reasonable amounts that will only be beneficial for you, without causing extreme side effects.

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