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5 Best Types of CBD Products to Try

CBD is a chemical compound that is extracted from cannabis plants, like hemp. It is used to help with a number of health conditions and everyday issues like pain, anxiety, acne, inflammation, and more. Best of all, CBD contains no THC, which is the compound in marijuana that makes you feel high. This makes it safe for people of all ages to take, with no harmful side effects and no danger of addiction.

Unlike THC, you can get a wide range of CBD products. If you are interested in trying CBD for the first time to see how it can help you, it’s beneficial to know the differences between the most common types of products you can find.

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Here are the five best CBD products, with a list of their benefits.

1. CBD Oil

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CBD oil is by far the most common product. When CBD is extracted from hemp plants, the process of extraction results in highly pure CBD oil. Virtually all other CBD products will use the oil for other purposes, but CBD oil is the most basic type of product you will find. It comes in dropper bottles with lines to indicate how much you take at any time. You can get bottles with different levels of concentration of CBD in it, so keep that in mind when trying to take a certain dose.


  • You will feel effects as soon as 15 minutes after taking it
  • Effects can last for up to six hours
  • It comes in a variety of types and flavors like those from newleafbotanics.com
  • It is fast and easy to take CBD oil with no setup or extra work required

2. CBD Vape Pens

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CBD vape pens take the CBD oil and add it to a small, discreet, and portable vape device — usually around the size of a regular pen. It uses CBD oil and heats it into vapor, which you then breathe in. Vaping is much safer than smoking because you do not inhale any ash, carcinogens, or flame into your mouth, throat, and lungs. Like with CBD oil drops, you can get different levels of concentration when you use it with a vape. You can also get different sized devices or vapes that can be used with CBD concentrate for a much more potent effect.


  • You can feel the effects in under 10 minutes
  • Effects can last for up to four hours
  • Many people find the activity of vaping to be fun and relaxing
  • You can get vape pens and devices to suit your style

3. CBD Edibles

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CBD edibles mostly come in the form of candy, like CBD gummies. Edibles take the CBD and infuse it in the gummies and candies that you can eat. You can actually get CBD in a variety of candies, including chocolates and chocolate bars, but gummies are the most common type of edible. They can come in different sizes, CBD doses, and flavors so everyone can pick something to their preference. The benefit of edibles is that it’s a more pleasant way to take CBD. Not everyone likes vaping or wants to pay for the vape itself, and CBD oil on its own won’t be to everyone’s taste.


  • You can feel effects in under an hour
  • Effects can last for up to eight hours
  • Gummies taste great and come in a variety of flavors
  • It is fast and easy to take a gummy with precise doses each candy

4. CBD Capsules

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CBD capsules or pills are one of the more effective and simple ways to take a consistent dose of CBD. It’s generally best for people who are really using CBD for medical reasons, such as to treat seizures, chronic pain, and more. For example, the FDA recently approved the first high-potency CBD pill that will be used to treat seizure disorders like epilepsy. The drawback of taking CBD in this form is that you won’t feel the effects as quickly, but if you are taking pills regularly like a medication then it won’t necessarily matter. This is something that we will likely see more of in the future for people taking CBD for more serious health issues.


  • Capable of giving you a consistent dose of CBD
  • Easy to take pills as long as you’re able to swallow them with water
  • Does not require food to take the pills, unlike other medication
  • Recently approved by FDA for high-potency CBD pills for seizures

5. CBD Topicals

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A relatively new but quickly growing type of CBD product is topicals, such as creams, balms, or lotions. There is a lot of potential in using CBD for things like skincare, or to treat skin conditions like acne, eczema, and psoriasis. This is because CBD has strong anti-inflammatory properties, and many skin issues are caused by or have symptoms of, inflamed skin. CBD also has potent antioxidants and rich fatty acids, which are both highly valued in skin products. Skincare products always look for safe, natural ingredients and CBD certainly qualifies for that, so getting some lotions with CBD is definitely worth a try.


  • Anti-inflammatory properties can be used to treat acne and other skin conditions
  • Loaded with antioxidants and omega proteins to promote skin health
  • Easy to take, just apply to the affected area of your skin
  • Comes in a variety of forms and types depending on what you prefer

While these are six of the best and most common types of CBD products you can find, they are by no means the only ones. There are several other types of products with CBD made for more specific purposes than general use. It’s worth researching all the potential benefits of CBD and the types of products that use it, so you can pick the products that will work the best for you.

If you have medical conditions — from skin conditions to seizure disorders — it may be worth talking to your doctor to consult on whether more potent CBD products are worth trying. Alternatively, you can take lower doses of your medication while supplementing your treatments with CBD. This can be a benefit to patients who take medication that carry more severe side effects.

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