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CBD Guide for Pets: Is CBD Oil Better than Edibles – 2024 Guide

This is a rather common question among cannabis enthusiasts, and now that CBD has gained a lot of popularity and the number of alternative products has increased, there are now CBD edibles as well as ointments and creams.

Considering that oil has always been the most standardized form of CBD in the market, a lot of people might wonder whether the oil is actually better than edibles, or if the opposite is the case.

This is even more present in the market of CBD products for pets, and as pet owners, as well as people who consume CBD for their own sake, knowing how to manage the right dosage is really important.

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Understanding Why People Buy CBD

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Hemp, that was usually seen in the eyes of many as something extremely bad, with a lot of prejudice, has improved its image in the last couple of years. Of course, there were always people who enjoyed its benefits and had a great extent of respect towards it, but many started to change their opinions of it with the appearance of CBD. From time to time you can notice a politician or two from some countries you haven’t expected, talking about the possibility of making CBD products legal.

For those who don’t know what CBD is, we can simply describe it as one of the two most prevalent compounds found in Cannabis and Marijuana, yet, there’s a big difference when it comes to their products.

You see, CBD, also known as cannabidiol, is unable to get people high since it doesn’t contain the primary found compound in cannabis: THC. This is the one compound that gets people trippy whenever they consume cannabis-related products and marijuana, but cannabidiol products are different. So, the best thing about it is the fact that its flowers can be safely consumed without the fear of being punished. It has the appearance of the regular skunk, but it’s just the way it looks. Even if you are caught with it, rest assured that nothing can happen.

They are made out of a variation of cannabis that contains really low levels of THC, making it pretty much harmless to both humans and animals.

It’s Perfect for Dogs and Cats

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That is why this compound is perfect for dogs and cats, the most common pet out there. THC is toxic for animals, since they are much more sensitive to this compound, and it can intoxicate them for long periods of time. Since cannabidiol products don’t contain enough levels of this compound to be considered toxic, it is safer than cannabis alternatives.

The same is for humans. cbdoil.blog reports although they can actually consume cannabis-based products without worrying too much about their health, being able to treat your conditions and illnesses without worrying about getting high is a big plus since it won’t interfere in their daily performance, either at work or at school.

However, you should not see it as a normal course for everyday feeding. It is an addition to the regular food, that can be extremely helpful in combating a long list of persistent symptoms caused by allergies, skin conditions typical for pets, etc. It is great for giving your pets immune system a boost, which results in increased vitality and energy. It’s also rich with antioxidants and neuroprotective ingredients, which are very important for the overall health of your pet.

Deciding to introduce it in your pet’s daily food routine means that you are using alternative ways of treating a possible illness. While most of the drugs prescribed by vets carry certain side effects, the alternative way such as this has zero side effects and is completely natural, which is very important for animals.

A solution to common cats and dogs’ problems

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We already mentioned that it’s a solution for a long list of medical conditions, but there are some that aren’t even seen as medical, but more of a behavioral problem. We’re talking about the common anxiety cats and dogs tend to display. The trigger for this condition can be the fear, early separation from the mother, even old age. But, the most common cause is the fear of noise. They become afraid and extremely agitated when witnessing loud sounds such as the door slamming, screaming, fireworks, motors, etc. Anxiety like this can lead to further health complications, such as a heart attack.

CBD oil for cats and dogs can have a positive influence on their anxiety, reducing the reactions they manifest when exposed to these triggers.

Aside from these behavioral issues, conditions such as pain caused by inflammation and even cancer can be successfully reduced by CBD. Again, leaving no side-effects whatsoever.

Epilepsy is very common for dogs and people. Medications used for treatments are in both cases risky, leading to a series of other problems.  Using CBD to control the attacks caused by epilepsy is the safest possible alternative. The results in controlling the seizures are more than promising.

The therapy is given orally, depending on the size and weight of your pet. The product shape you will choose according to your preferences.

Edibles or Oil?

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Here’s where a lot of people might have trouble with, deciding whether they should go for CBD oil or edibles. I would say that it depends entirely on your goal and how you are expecting to enjoy the experience.

For example, when it comes to humans, edibles can be much more discreet and easy to manage because you can eat them without worrying about your surroundings. Cookies, gummies, protein bars, and candies are some of the examples.

The same is for pets since there are some products that are aimed towards animals because it’s much easier to feed your dog with a treat than give it oil with a spoon.

Although there are products aimed towards animals as there are products for humans, they are not that different, at least when it comes to oil, yet there might be differences regarding the taste and smell. For example, there are variations of cannabidiol oil with bacon or chicken essence, which might become a big help to feed it to your dog.

On the other hand, although both types of product can provide the benefits of cannabidiol, being able to regulate the amount of CBD you consume with oil is a little bit easier, since you can be more precise with it. Still, if you are smart and manage to feed your pet or yourself, the right amount of edibles, you’ll be okay.

You can find these types of products almost everywhere, but for pets, I recommend you visit store online for more detailed information on all the types of products you can find for dogs and cats.

It is very recommended that, regardless of the type of product you buy, you should start with small doses and see how your pet reacts to it, and then increase it based on this reaction. For dog treats, you can break one in half and try with it. For dog food, start with small doses and increase it as you see fit.

This is really important because, although CBD is fairly harmless, some side-effects can be annoying and they can be easily avoided by reducing the amount of cannabidiol you are consuming, so finding the right dosage is crucial to avoid these problems!

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