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5 Things To Do If Someone Sues You After a Car Accident

As humans, it is in our nature to try to plan things out and prepare ourselves for every possible case scenario. Despite the fact that we plan everything out, sometimes the unexpected events stop our plans and we have to think quickly and decide on our next move.

Traffic accidents are one of the shortest accidents that sometimes occur in less than a second. Even though the accident itself lasts unbelievably short, it is in those few moments that your whole future is being decided. Therefore, the consequences may be felt for, disproportionately, much longer.

What to do when something unplanned, such as an accident, happens to you? How to react afterward? What are your options and how to proceed? If all of these, and similar questions worry you, don’t be afraid. You are not the only one. After all, you are only a human being who had an unplanned event that affects their perfectly planned life.

The whole situation can be observed in different aspects, such as psychological, financial, legal, etc. The following article will try to provide you with some pieces of advice which might be helpful if someone sues you after the car accident.

1. Analyze the situation

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Analysis of the whole situation and your position in it is one of the most important first steps. It is important to observe the whole course of events objectively and think through your actions, as well as the actions of the other side. It is a good idea to take a piece of paper and try to write down some key facts that come to your mind. This brainstorming & analysis will help you see whether it is necessary to hire an attorney or you can proceed on your own. Also, once you analyze the situation, it will be much easier to see what your potential defense might look like.

2. Take action

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One of the most important things is to act right away and to think fast. Once you realize that you are being sued, you need to decide on a couple of next steps. Also, you should keep in mind that there are multiple deadlines that must be met. So, you don’t have time to waste. If you have decided to proceed without the help of the attorney, you should focus on researching legal actions and gathering as much information and knowledge as possible, so that you get fully prepared. On the other hand, you don’t want to rush into anything because taking the action which is not thought through can do a lot of damage. That is why it is important to find balance and not panic. Try to distance yourself from the situation and observe it completely rationally and objectively. In this way, you will be able to focus on the facts and that will motivate you to take rational actions.

3. Hire experts

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Even though some people prefer to go through the whole process by themselves, in most cases, probably one of the best ideas is to consult an expert. There are people who are educated to help you when it comes to legal matters. Also, hiring an attorney saves you from some additional stress to the already stressful situation. Not only will he/she clarify what has happened and what is about to happen, but they will also advise you and provide you a sense of security. One of the best benefits of having an attorney is the fact that there are those who are available 24/7 for consultations. For instance, you could check out the Rosengard Law Group, which offers you a free case evaluation as well.

4. Try to write down as much as you can

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It often happens that matters such as traffic accidents last for a long time when it comes to legal actions. One of the best things you can do for yourself is to write down anything you can remember from the accident itself. These events tend to fade out in our memory, especially if there is a time factor involved. That is why it is good to write down things as you remember them. The process of writing can also be helpful when it comes to the realization of the things you were not even aware of happened. All of this will be helpful once the time comes and you have to prepare your defense.

5. Tell your attorney everything

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Even though some events or actions seem unimportant, it is crucial to tell your attorney the complete story. Some seemingly unimportant details might be the key factor that might help you later on. It is up to your attorney to decide whether something is reliable evidence or not. After all, you need to tell your attorney everything even if it is related to something that might be used against you because it is the only way he/she can help – by knowing all the facts.

Car accidents can be incredibly messy situations—particularly if someone is injured. No matter what happened, it’s crucial to reach out to experienced lawyers for support. The team at Serious Injury Law Group will stand in your corner and help you get the compensation you deserve.


To sum up, dealing with situations such as being sued for a car accident is definitely not an easy task. Nevertheless, the psychological moment is crucially important. Once you have calmed yourself and removed the panic, you can take legal actions and decide what your next step is going to be.

If you are sure that you can handle the whole situation by yourself, without the help of an attorney, you should absolutely go for it. However, if you doubt that you might be too emotionally attached and that you cannot observe the events objectively, or that you simply do not have enough knowledge or experience, the safest way to go is hiring an attorney. Not only will they be able to provide you with legal information and facts regarding your case, but they will also make you feel more safe and calm.

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