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5 Things Everyone Hates About Traveling

Have you ever stopped to think about the things that most people hate about traveling? There are a lot of them but we’ll focus on the most obvious and common ones.

When you look at what a vacation can be like when you don’t travel, it’s quite dreaming alive. You get to experience all sorts of things that travel just isn’t able to offer. For example, when you’re planning your next vacation, you probably think about witness rays of sunshine and spending time on the beach.

However, there are things that everyone hates about traveling that you should know before landing. For instance, if you check the TricksAndTrips website, you’ll see incredible travel destinations. But what’s behind the scenes, what are the drawbacks of traveling? Let’s jump into it now.

Packing the Wrong Things

Source: smartertravel.com

When we travel for leisure or for business, we’re always worried about the bad things that might happen, and as a result, we tend to pack as many things as possible into our luggage. It’s almost as if I’m planning for disasters to happen. But do you really need so much stuff in your luggage?

There are a lot of different ways that this happens, but the simple truth is that we simply want to be prepared for any situation. Let’s be honest, the main things that you need are toiletries, documents, and cash. 

These are items that you need on a daily basis, and they can’t be forgotten. In fact, if they are packed away in the wrong luggage, you’re going to have to wait for them to get delivered, which is extremely annoying. So, if you’re traveling overseas, you need to check that you have everything that you need only.

Of course, you want to make sure that you bring some extra clothes for the time when you actually get back home. This is a very important part of your packing list, and it shouldn’t be skipped.

Forgetting The Right Documentation

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If you are traveling overseas, you’ll definitely want to make sure that you have all of your documentation in order and in your luggage. This is an incredibly important part of your travel planning, and it’s extremely important for your safety when you’re traveling abroad. 

For example, if you are coming back from an international airport, you need to have all of your passports in order. Otherwise, you could end up getting turned back at the border and sent back to where you started from.

Of course, there are several other things that you’ll need to take into consideration. For example, you’ll need to make sure that you bring your insurance policy with you, and that you don’t leave any of your documents behind.

Currency Exchange Fees

Source: investopedia.com

When traveling abroad, you’ll also need to make sure that you take plenty of money with you, as well. You never know when you’re going to run out of money, and you need to be able to buy yourself something when needed. Fortunately, many travelers don’t have a problem in this regard, since they use credit cards to make purchases.

However, using credit cards means having to pay currency exchange fees, and that’s definitely a drawback to traveling. In fact, with 3 to 5% spent on foreign currency fees, this is a waste of money that shouldn’t be underestimated.

No foreign credit card fees will help you save money, make you invest it somewhere else, and use it for transportation and hotels. Finally, make sure that you bring your credit card so that you can use it wherever you are. 

Getting Lost

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It has been said that when you get lost while traveling, it gives you a sense of adventure. You can also experience the entire local culture and see new places without having to pay for a tour. However, there are many things that one should do before they go on a trip. One thing that will make you a lot more comfortable on the trip is being familiar with the country or region where you are going to be. 

It also gives you a better understanding of what is happening in your destination. This will also help you to avoid any unexpected situations that could occur when you are traveling.

Getting lost is certainly something about traveling that everyone hates and, for this reason, buying a map, an internet data plan, or downloading maps on your phone is a great idea before going on an adventure.


Source: moneycrashers.com

Getting scammed is one of the worst things about traveling that everyone hates. In fact, you waste time, money, and it gives you a bad moment. Overall, scams are obviously part of the experience, especially when going to countries in Asia, Africa, or South America.

Whether you’re on a business trip or on holidays, scams are never a nice experience and, when extreme, only make you want to go home. Do some research before traveling, check the most common scams and how to avoid them, and get prepared to negotiate.

For instance, if a taxi driver insists to take you on a ride to your hotel and takes 30 minutes more than the planned route, you know you’re being scammed. Taxi drivers are always the worst scammers. Also, fake tour operators can sell you tours and make your stay in terrible hotels and this definitely is one of the very worst things about traveling. 

As mentioned previously, research what the common tourist scams are, never accept the first offer, and never look lost, that’s how scammers see that you’re easy prey.

Things Everyone Hates About Traveling

Source: pexels.com

These were the 5 things that everyone hates about traveling. Packing the wrong things can be frustrating and annoying when traveling abroad. Also, forgetting the right documents can be a massive challenge, especially in countries where you need a visa or travel insurance.

To conclude, get an international credit card to avoid currency exchange fees, and buy a data plan when you land. This will save you money, help you not to get lost, and find your way anytime during the day.

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