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7 Ways Recycled Glassware Can Help Save the Planet

Whether you are running a restaurant or just looking for new glassware to use around the house, it is always better to use recycled glassware. Recycled glassware is made up of waste glass materials that are broken down and reconstituted into new products. These old glass products are first cleaned and scrubbed of any impurities. They are then shredded and smashed into pieces called cutlets. These pieces are then melted and reconstituted into new products, ready to be sold and used.

But what makes recycled glassware such a great alternative? Why should you choose this over unrecycled glassware? How can recycled glassware save the planet? Here are 7 reasons why using recycled glassware is better.

Less energy is needed to melt recycled glass

Source: reuzi.ie

Compared to melting unused material, recycled glass usually takes less energy to melt. This is a material often used for new glass because the more of it used during the creation process, the less time and raw fuel it requires to break down the overall mixture.

Recycled glass has a lower melting point, so it takes less time and energy to break down. This means industrial plants don’t have to waste valuable and finite fuel. It also lessens the strain and pressure on the furnace and other machines needed to produce glass, which extends their lifespans a few more years. This is a relief to most companies because this will allow them to save millions of dollars in repairs.

Overall, the more you use recyclable glass materials, the more you will contribute to global energy conservation

Using recycled glass helps lessen the number of junk in landfills and bins

Source: paintedfoxhome.com

This material is one of the most durable materials in the world. It also has some of the slowest decomposition rates ever, making it almost impossible to break down organically. This makes it a favorite material for mass-production, and millions of new glass products are being produced every year. Sadly though, it is also the number one contributor to the ever-growing landfills and bins all over the world. Used glass bottles, jars, and other such containers make up a majority of landfills. As more products are made every year, the piles get even higher.

This is where recycled glass truly shines. By switching to recycled ones, industries will no longer have to create new products. They can recycle it from landfills and create more products with less impact on the environment. Overall, using recycled glass is a feasible solution to various environmental issues.

It can help conserve natural resources

Source: phys.org

The most common type of glass is predominantly made of limestone, sand, and soda ash. It is heated to immensely high temperatures to create soda-lime-silica glass. Other types use rarer and more valuable natural resources. It goes without saying that it takes a lot of natural resources to create glass. These resources are not taken from an infinite source. They can run out, which is why using recyclable glass is a great alternative. 

Instead of mining and depleting the earth’s finite natural resources, industries can just old glass products as raw material. This lessens the strain on the planet’s natural ecosystem and helps them save on production costs as well. 

Glass recycling is lucrative

Source: bettermeetsreality.com

Aside from the environmental benefits, glass recycling can also be a great source of income. Many industries rose to prominence on the glass recycling business. There are many companies such as Roetell that earn a huge profit by manufacturing products such as glass milk bottles, mason jars, and other such products. By using recycled glass, these companies were able to save up on production and materials. Companies will also be able to save up on materials because old glass products are plentiful and can be bought in huge numbers. All in all, recycling is a business venture that has great potential.  

Lessens water pollution

Source: water-pollution.org.uk

Discarded glass products are some of the biggest contributors to water pollution. Various industries use rivers and streams as dumping grounds for their glass waste. Even worse, some companies even dump their waste directly into the seas and oceans. These can destroy the natural ecosystem and damages the natural habitats of various marine life. Not only that, marine life such as sea turtles and dolphins accidentally ingest glass waste that can potentially cause them their deaths. If industries recycle their glassware, there would be less water pollution. 

Glass recycling can provide more jobs

Source: greencoast.org

Another way glass recycling can help the world is by providing jobs to low-income families. Remember that there is a myriad of these recycling companies out there. They will always need recycled glass to create new products. This gives many people the opportunity to work and earn. By gathering old and discarded glass products, people can earn for a living, and clean their environment at the same time. They can even start their own recycling business and have their community involved in the recycling process. By providing jobs to less-fortunate people, you can uplift entire communities. Overall, recycling glass is a win-win situation for both parties.

Using recycled glass can enhance your reputation

Source: cen.acs.org

Have you ever noticed that some companies mention in their ads that they use recycled products? It could be recycled paper, leather, plastic, or glass. Whatever the product, most organizations always mention their use of recycled products, because they want everyone to know that they support the fight against pollution. For example, you own a restaurant. You make it a practice to use recycled glass in your store. It might be a little bit more expensive compared to its new counterpart, but it is still worth it. Customers will appreciate the fact that you are doing your best to combat pollution in all its facets.


Glassware will always be a necessary industry, yet it also has the potential to harm the environment. But by using recycled glassware, we can slowly but surely lessen the negative effects of glass production on the environment! 

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