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5 Tips for Planning a Nerf Birthday Party

Kids and adults all love Nerf wars. And what’s there to not like? You can play games, fire foam on your friends, and enjoy a lively time. Furthermore, you can play it in both outdoor and indoor places.

Nowadays, kids have their whole new world of imagination. Moreover, they have too many expectations from their parents. Therefore, planning a birthday becomes a headache for parents. They have to plan different activities for kids and not just a birthday cake and gifts.

One of the best ways to ease your job is to plan a nerf party. You don’t have to do much because all you need is some space and guns. Moreover, other than kids, adults are equally obsessed with Nerf wars.

But if you want some event planner to help you out with all the planning, you can go to airballingla.com. Whether you want them to arrange the Nerf Gun party for you or you want the biggest battlefield. They have them all.

In addition to the battlefield and guns, you can also get some fun add-ons. And if you are worried about the age group, no need to. They have guns for different age groups. So if your birthday party is for kids under 9, you can get the guns for them. And if your party is for adults, you can get the equipment accordingly.

Some tips for you

If you have no idea about where to start, you have us here. So here are some tips for you.

1. Arrange enough room for the war

Source: catchmyparty.com

If you are living in an apartment, it won’t be possible for you to arrange a war at your place. Because you need enough room to run and also some hurdles and some places to hide. So if you have to arrange everything in the apartment, you have to make it empty first. On the contrary, you can simply cover your furniture with plastic sheets. They will act as hiding spots for you.

But if you have a lawn or a backyard, you can have unlimited fun. Furthermore, you will have enough space to run and enjoy all you want. You can use cardboard cuttings as a shield to protect yourself.

2. Buy Nerf guns and darts

Source: reviewed.com

Of course, when you are planning Nerf war, you will need all the necessary equipment. Thus, you will need guns and when there are guns there should be bullets. Therefore, you will have to buy enough guns and darts for everyone to have one. If you have 20 guests, you have to buy at least 20 guns.

In addition to the guns, you will also need to buy lots of bullets or darts. Different guns and blasters offer different darts. So you can buy foam balls, discs and darts. All of these darts are specified for different guns and according to the age groups. So mind these things before buying or making the order.

3. Buy some extra Nerf blasters

Source: youtube.com

Having an extra of something never hurts. And when it comes to playing sports, you must get something more than you need. For example, if you are inviting 20 guests, there might be few uninvited ones. Furthermore, it is also possible that some of the guns break off while playing.

You will be running around the place and fighting, therefore, breaking things is unavoidable. So you must prepare yourself for such possibilities and unforeseeable outcomes. It is better to buy some extra than to feel embarrassed.

4. Announce the rules and ensure safety

Source: pinterest.com

Although it is a fun game but it still involves fighting. Therefore, there will always be a chance of hurting someone or getting hurt. So if you want to play safe, you should make some rules and announce them before playing the game.

In addition to this, you will also need safety equipment. Usually, all you need during a Nerf battle is eye and face protection and jacket wear. So if your party involves kids, you will definitely need face protection. On the other hand, if the game is for adults, only eyewear would be enough. Because they can bear a little hit. Moreover, they have a better sense of safety. Thus, the risk of face hitting will be too low.

Some of the basic rules of a Nerf war include;

  1. Do not make an intentional face shot.
  2. Wear a face or eye protection (which one is available).
  3. You should better tap the opponent while using a melee weapon.

Moreover, the darts and discs are not that hard to cause some serious injury. Furthermore, you will not die even if you get hit by a foam ball. Therefore, there is no need to worry about anything. Simply enjoy your game while keeping a safety measure.

5. Do not forget the people outside the game

Source: apkpure.com

Although you have planned an amazing event but there might be people who are not interested in the play. Therefore, you can never forget them. Otherwise, you will be busy playing the game while some of your guests will feel awkward.

Therefore, while you plan everything out, do not forget the people who cannot play the game. Usually, these people include toddlers, their mothers and some introverted friends. So if your party includes such categories, you can keep a corner separate for them.

For toddlers, you can create a corner fencing with soft toys. Moreover, you can arrange some seats for their mothers so they can sit and look for them.

Likewise, if there are guests who won’t take interest in the battle, you have to arrange a sitting area for them. Therefore, instead of spending money on making different sitting arrangements, you can create a battlefield on one side. Besides, arrange the chairs, tables and eating area on the other side of the ground/ hall.

This will ease your job and will make the party enjoyable for everyone.

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