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Why Persian Rugs are so Expensive

Equipping your home with the best furniture and supporting elements you can find is something you have probably dreamt about for years. Even from a young age people cannot help it but think how they would one day want their own home to look like and where they would put which object. Of course, most of us would like to have nothing but the best no matter how improbable or impossible that way sound. One can only dream and that is okay. And while daydreaming about the life you want and the fine furniture you wish to purchase you will eventually start to think about the carpets.

Similarly to your wishes originating in your early years, you can probably trace the first time you hear about the best rugs in the world back in your formative years. Somehow, somewhere, you have heard that Persian rugs are the best, the most intricate, and the most expensive there are. It is one of those products that a specific part of the world is incredibly good at making, which is why history has tied it to the very tradition and identity of its people. Just like Swiss watches or Canadian maple syrup, it is almost synonymous.

Persian rugs have been around for thousands of years and thanks to the way the craft of carpet making was passed down for generations, they still live on and can be found all over the world. In this article we will talk about exactly what makes them so popular and good and why they can be so expensive. If you are looking for more information about them and especially if you have a wish to get your very own and put it in your bedroom or living room, make sure to check out persianandmodernrugs.com.

Art and Tradition

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If you take a modern rug mass-produced in a contemporary factory, you can easily see the lack of soul and artistic value in it. This is hardly the case with Persian or Oriental rugs, as they are also called. As mentioned, this form of art and craft has been in existence for thousands of years, over 2,500 to be more precise. Over this incredible amount of time, they have become a true art form recognized all over the world.

Authentic rugs from the area where Ancient Persians lived are always hand made in its entirety, an approach that often implies a lot of custom artistic work and a display of fine craftsmanship, skill, and experience. Expressing one’s own creativity and imagination while being inspired by the culture, tradition, and history of the region results in beautiful Oriental pieces that are as valuable as sculptures or paintings and often used on walls as decoration instead on the floor as regular carpets.

Materials and Technique

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The second reason why you will have to pay a considerable amount of money for a true Persian rug is due to the materials used to make one. Usually, natural animal and plant fibers are used to make them, most often wool, cotton, sisal, jute, and silk. In comparison with synthetic fibers, they are better in every way imaginable. They last longer, they are more intriguing and comfortable to feel and use, and they simply look better. The colors will not fade over time and such materials also provide the rooms that have Persian carpets with better quality of air.

Plastic in general and especially nylon, viscose, and acrylic are not only bad for the environment but they can cause, increase, or trigger allergies. Since these natural materials are not that easy to come by, and considering the techniques and time needed for a single carpet, such fine craftsmanship and hand-made goods have to be expensive. You are paying for the absolute best quality and owning something that is the best in its class on the planet is special and cannot come cheap. What is more, no two Persian rugs are ever the same because the materials will always be different and the moves the master carpet maker uses will also be slightly adjusted. This also means that once you buy a Persian rug, you will have a unique item nobody else has.

Knots and Finishes

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Finally, the more intricate and underlying factor that influences the higher prices of Oriental rugs is the effort put towards every single knot and thread that makes up the whole thing. Since they are art on their own and because they are made of the best materials available, nothing else is ever going to be compromised, rushed, or forgotten about either. There is no point in having the best people at it who are using the best materials only to give you a poorly made product. The value directly depends on the density of the materials and the types of knots wo when you are shopping for a fine rug you will want to inspect these two factors. You can easily do it by touch and a slightly longer look at the knots. Any customer will clearly see that there are no loose threads or poorly tied knots. Rugs that are poorly and loosely woven both look and feel fragile, like they can come apart and have holes in them any day. Not with sturdy and 100% hand crafted Persian varieties though. With such an item you will always know what you are paying for.

Conclusion and Takeaways

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All in all, there are multiple factors that are responsible for the higher prices of the best rugs in the world. The combination of important things we discussed above result in some of the best work available on the markets and the most desired and treasured carpets any home would be lucky to have. If you are considering such a purchase, know that it is definitely an investment but a worthy one. It will last you a lifetime and make your home much more comfortable, artistic, and valuable. The expensive nature cannot be bypassed but it does not really need to be. Items like this need to be pricey because it is about more than just a rug.

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