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Should Men Use Penis Fillers to Boost Their Self-Esteem

Why is self-esteem so closely connected with size? Bigger lips, breasts, ass, penis, smaller nose, waist, longer legs… Perhaps, no one knows the exact answer. But after all, people are obsessed with their body measurements, and men are extremely sensitive about the size of their penis. No matter how often you try to convince your boyfriend that the size doesn’t matter, he has his opinion. Or maybe it really depends on the size we are talking about?

While women can plump their lips with dermal fillers and make bigger breasts with the help of plastic surgery, what can men do to their genitals to gain more confidence and improve self-esteem? Hyaluronic acid injections can help here as well. Let’s figure out how.

The Bigger Size – the Higher Self-Esteem

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The ‘big dick mania’ and obsession with size are more likely to be imposed by mass media and weird stereotypes. According to recent studies, the average penis length is about 5.1 inches (13 cm and not 18 cm as many people think) when erect. Unfortunately, many males are not ready to put up with these numbers, and the average is not enough. If they cannot change the length without serious sacrifices (meaning recovery after plastic surgery and possible loss of organ’s functionality), girth is what they aim at.

Many men say a bigger penis gives them more confidence not just in bed with their sexual partners, but in social life as well: at the pool, gym, beaches, and even when communicating and establishing new connections with people. Magic of penis. A big penis. We all know these boys’ games with measuring their organs in childhood. Unfortunately, this is that kind of game that doesn’t finish in adolescence. It is about feeling more masculine.

Dermal Filler Injections for Bigger Size

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So, when a man is desperate about his organ’s size, there is a solution. We are not talking about plastic surgery. Dermal fillers with hyaluronic acid can increase the circumference and boost self-esteem. Hyaluronic acid is a top-safe substance in the sphere of cosmetic injections. It is famous for eliminating wrinkles. But it also increases the volume of the skin tissues and is used for volumizing lips, cheeks, cheekbones, chin, and jawline. In the same way, it can increase the girth of the penis with a single injection immediately up to 18 months.

Moreover, the substance is perfectly bio combinable with the skin as it is of non-organic origin and causes no allergy or body rejection. Even side effects are minimal, including just painful feelings, redness, some swelling, possible itching, or bruising at the injection site that will disappear within the next 48 hours. During these 18 months or so, the organism will gradually digest the molecules of hyaluronic acid, and the volume will slowly decrease. To preserve the effect, the patient would have to repeat the procedure.

There are no special dermal fillers specially designed for injections into the penis as this procedure is innovative and still under trial. The doctor may choose any product from the brand line with sufficient density. Juvederm dermal fillers like Juvederm Ultra at EuroMex may become a perfect choice, as these are one of the best products on the market. In the future, there are great chances the brands will design new fillers for this tender area.

Safety of Dermal Fillers for Penis Injections

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As this procedure is relatively new, the opinions are controversial. Some doctors claim that intrusion may be harmful for erectile function in the future perspective, while others state it is safe. Current researches show a positive tendency of dermal injections for penis enlargement when the injection is made in the clinic by a professional and experienced healthcare provider. The bigger danger than the procedure itself is men’s relation to their health and injections in general, when they neglect the rules and doctor’s recommendations (like to refrain from sexual intercourse for a few weeks), etc. Here is where the complications start.

However, using DIY fillers at home is even worse. Unfortunately, men do not care about their health that much, ignore the hygiene rules, avoid visiting doctors, especially when it deals with such a sensitive and fragile matter as their penis. So, some of them may decide to have dermal fillers injection at home using a syringe or even so popular nowadays hyaluronic pen. Knowing neither the penis anatomy nor the peculiarities of work with the device and fillers, they endanger their health and life even without realizing it. There were multiple cases when the doctors had to remove the whole penis shaft skin and regraft it with skin from elsewhere in the body, not to mention severe infections and further complications after similar home procedures.

Women’s Opinion on Penis Fillers

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Do females share their men’s obsession with the size? It depends. But the statistics say that most women in relations are more concerned with their boyfriends/husbands’ health even if they would like them to have a bigger organ. The second part of the female population, on the contrary, has fears that a new size may turn out to be too big for them and cause painful feelings while doing love with their partners. And it makes sense as sometimes people’s idea of what is small or big may be too objective. We may observe this phenomenon in the girls with the so-called “duck lips”. Who said it couldn’t happen with the penis? So, it won’t hurt to ask the opinion of your girlfriend and doctor before deciding on the procedure.

Final Word

Hyaluronic acid can do real wonders. It eliminates wrinkles, smooths the skin, plums lips, and cheekbones. And now, it can increase the girth of the penis and boost men’s confidence all over the globe. Although modern dermal fillers show excellent safety results, their administration still demands a professional hand and an experienced doctor who knows human anatomy and all the rules and recommendations. Do not neglect your health and life. If you decide that dermal fillers injection into the penis would make you happier and more confident, be responsible, and choose a specialist who would make sure that injections benefit you and do no harm!

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